You want your very own tea cup puppy and you don't yet know how to make the idea reality. There are so many things to consider: you want a real 'tea cup', not a puppy that looks like one but will grow up and turn out to be anything but 'tea cup'. So breed is important. You want your puppy to be healthy and all vaccinations in order. Registration is another issue you want to be problem-free of. And of course, you want to know how you can get your puppies from the shop in your house. You may also want to see your preferred breed in life before you make up your mind. If you don't yet know what breed you want, you can check out some specialty sites. iheartteacups' reviews and tips on tea cup puppies can help here. iHeartcup sells tea cup puppies and as many iheartteacup review suggests, users have been amazed by tea cup puppies bought from there.

Selecting your source

You should be aware of scams, whether offline or online. Not all pups are real 'tea cups' and not all sellers are honest. But don't worry, there are many honest and reliable shops as well. If you live in California, we can recommend, it has a rich variety of breeds and the pup's health and registration are also taken good care of.

Make sure your source provides you with a reliable health guarantee and help to register your new pet, or even better, they should be providing the papers.

You also have to make sure that your pet will get to your house without problems. Consider that these puppies are babies, only recently separated from their mother and siblings, so they don't need any unnecessary stress. They also need to eat and drink more often than the grown-ups. So transfer should be swift and smooth, without unnecessary waiting or shaking or other disturbances.

Selecting your puppy

Check which breeds you like. You should take the decision with the people who will live with the puppy, so everything will be harmonic. Check whether there are any special needs for any breeds that you should be aware of. There are breeds that are more sensitive to some foods, chemicals or diseases than others, and you need to know about these in advance. If you want to see your chosen one, be aware of two things: many shops need you to make an appointment. This is mostly because lots of people are interested in the puppies, so many that they can't be let in the building at once. Additionally, the puppies need lots of sleep. The other thing to be aware of is also connected to the number of interested people: because so many want to own a tea cup puppy, you should be aware of the fact that if you don't act in time, your chosen puppy might be bought before you even make up your mind on her name. You can even check out iheartteacup reviews to know more.                                                                                                


Check carefully what your shop's policies are on paying. Do you need to make a deposit? Is the payment refundable and under what conditions? Can you transfer your deposit if you change your mind?

We wish you luck with acquiring your new best friend. It's an effort that is really worthy to go through. iHeartteacups reviews till now have been mostly positive and you might just like trying out their services.