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July 11, 2008


"all i care to know is that a man is a human being - that is enough for me; he can't be any worse"

-Mark Twain


i read that quote in a TIME magazine last night while i was trying to get drunk enough to sleep. i don't think a single sentence has ever affected me so profoundly in all my life.

one sentence, spoken over 100 years ago, inspiring me to be me, without apology...unless, of course, i wrong you personally in some way, then i will apologize if i see merit.

anyway, the real point here is mark twain/samuel clemens. when you listen to what he was saying and the words he was writing, he was at least 100 years ahead of his time.

but his ideals about equality and democracy are ahead of our times...okay, maybe i'm just saying AHEAD OF because my ideals line up nicely with his, but i really feel that if we all had more of his "discriminating irreverance" towards EVERYTHING we'd all be better off...as he says it "is the creator and protector of human liberty".

(..."discriminating irreverance is the creator of human liberty"(the actual quote)...yes i am obviously a big fan of that as well)

now, i may take it too far with the attitude that nothing is sacred except that nothing is sacred, but i don't think so. in fact, i think mr. clemens would find pleanty of ways to skewer the few things i publicly hold dear just to see me squirm.

really, though, where this is gonna end up is with me re-reading a lot of mark twain...and reading some for the first time...like THE INNOCENTS ABROAD and FOLLOWING THE EQUATOR. honestly, i feel personally humiliated by the fact that i have never even PICKED UP his travel books. which are, without question, the reason he became a national icon (in his time) and without which we never would have gotten most (if any) of his other novels.

sadly, for such a force of american liturature, humor and travel compendiums, he was lacking in one quality. and his shortcoming actually makes me feel better about where i am in life (first time that's happened in a while). he never laughed.

ummm...if that felt like a disjointed excuse to put up the quote at the beginning, it was. i love mark twain. his talent and vision astound me. but right now i'm just not feeling the love of the universe and thusly, have no literary flow...sorry everybody.