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May 14, 2016

What will Obama's career be when his term is up? To help him I gave some suggestions on what he could do, it's up to him whether he pursues them or not.

Well guys, Obama’s time is sadly coming to a end as our President. What a great President am I right? And it’s time to start thinking about things Obama could do when he’s not President. I’ve compiled a short list of things that Obama could do when he retires:

  • The President of the online fan club for the band , TV On The Radio.
  • A professional NBA Baller.
  • A Comedy Central Roaster. Get outta here Jeff Ross!
  • Become Mr. T
  • A gangster (gangster rap made him do it)
  • Be the next Jaleel White at acting
  • A Golf Club salesman

As you can see Obama could do anything he sets his mind to and the things I just listed were just a couple things he could do. I personally would love to see him replace Jeff Ross at Comedy Central, or become Mr. T. I wish luck to President Obama on his next career choice, I though I’d help by giving him a few suggestions.