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August 21, 2009


Now, I know I can come in here and rant and I have been known to speak off the cuff, but even someone as uncouth as myself has better sense than my baby's daddy. It all started over a birthday cake.... Okay, I take my daughter for ice cream at least twice a week. When we go to the ice cream shop, my daughter likes to browse the cake design book and pick out the ones she likes, etc. So, she picks out this Sleeping Beauty cake and says she wants it for her birthday. I pointed to the Cinderella one and said that I liked it. She's so cute, she asks me "Is that the cake you want for your birfday, mommy?" And I shrugged and said "sure.", gave her a bit of a smile. I hadn't actually thought about the fact that it's my brithday this weekend and certainly never told her to tell her dad that I wanted this cake...but she did. So, she's very excited about the cake. I asked him if he was really going to get the cake and he responded only by saying it was probably a lot of money. So, to make her happy, I suggest that we go fifty/fifty on it, because I really don't care about the cake, but it seems like it's something she would really like me to have. He won't discuss it. So, yesterday she told me that her dad told her that they would go to the store on Saturday to buy it, so I called him because I happen to know that you need to call 48 hours ahead of time which means he'd have to order it on Friday. Now, I'm not trying to force him to do anything he doesn't want to do, but if I don't tell him then he's promised our daughter and he won't be able to get it in time for my birthday. Anyway, he goes offf snarling about he was going to make a cake for me with our daughter on Saturday and that I have just RUINED the whole thing and that now he's not going to do ANYTHING and I can buy the cake if I'm so determined to waste money...really rude, really unnecessary stuff. I'm just so tired of the lack of cooperation. Does he really think i give a rat's ass about having a princess cake for my 36 birthday???? There should be a clause for every five years you know a person you should be allowed to either punch them in the face or give them a swirly with no legal ramifications. It should just be a rule.