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Published June 12, 2011
All right,  I admit it.  I watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   … or, as I call it, Barbies on Vicodin.It’s pretty much your basic train wreck.  With some diamonds and Louboutins scattered here and there.  The ‘housewives’ are always hard at work.  You know… planning their next party or charity event/party…. or graduation, welcome home, housewarming, groundhog day, ‘Hey-it’s Wednesday, I have nothing better to do except stand around and be rich’ party.And you know what that means.   CUTE OUTFITS, PEOPLE!!!  And somehow, they manage to cram in shopping, lunches and cat fights.How DO these ladies do it???  It’s shameful, and it’s terrible and I end up dumberer after I watch it…… BUT I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!