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Published October 23, 2012
The Hollywood Leek has the inside scoop on what some celebrities will be giving trick-or-treaters this Halloween.   Kim Kardashian – Old wedding gifts.   Octomom – Sugar Babies and real babies.   Rush Limbaugh – Oreos and Oxycontin   Snooki – Jello shots   Mel Gibson -  Mein Kampf and candy corn.   Sarah Jessica Parker – Hay   Lance Armstrong – His Tour de France titles   Robert Pattinson – What’s left of his dignity   Wesley Snipes – An IOU   Scarlett Johansson – Skittles and a boner   Rupert Sanders – Peanut M&M’s and a speaking part in his next movie if you’ll sleep with him.   Mitt Romney – Nothing. He doesn’t believe in handouts.   Gary Busey – Haunted House ride in his mouth.   Also Check Out:  21 Reasons Why Bras Suck SIDE BOOB: For When Front Boob Isn’t Available Kate Upton’s Boobs Have Many Hidden Talents 20 Weird Celebrity Moments 13 Hot Pics of Kim Kardashian Kittens and Boobies = Best Day Ever!