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August 14, 2008


 Missy the Mutant 

There once was a lonely mutant named Missy, who was alone all of her childhood. She never had any friends because her face was different from the rest, and lived in a wood beyond others that did exist. Her chin swooped down, down close to her knees. One leg was longer than that of a twisted, and turning tree. From this misfortune she had a slight limp, as if she were a pirate with a wooden peg leg. Her eyes bulged out like a frog releasing a burp. Her eyebrows were bushy and thick like a cats matted fur. Her nose turned up quite similar to a pig’s snout. Missy’s hair was messy, small creatures lived in there. You could call them her pets whom she adopted from filth. One a snail named Shelldon, one a tarantula named Steve, a beetle named Bruce, and a Grasshopper that went by Gretchen the Green.

So in entirety she wasn’t exactly alone, but her pets didn’t speak the language of human only blinked and nodded and sometimes grinned at her attempted jokes. All she sought was a friend to communicate with.

 She lived in a forest within a deep dark wood, where other humans didn’t venture, because of the smog and thick brush. She only dreamed of a day that someone would come walking her way, and get lost in her fortress of sadness. Missy had never known who her true family was since she was abandoned here as a small child. One day she thought “I’ll venture out of this darkness, into the sunlight, kick back and seek others to share this pathetic life.”  That one day came, as an accident perhaps, the oldest tree she called "Gramps" fell down after a great storm, and the sunlight poured in on her upon her bed. “What is out there really, I certainly shouldn’t fear, I could find a friend at last after all of these years.” 


To be continued....