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September 21, 2008


Last night was my friends birthday party. It was in the basement of my friends house which we had converted into a bar/lounge. It tooks us three months, but now we have the sweetest party spot in NJ. I started drinking heavily when the party began. This was around 1. No one was there yet, but the music was on. Around 10 the place starts to fill up. As it starts to fill up I notice a problem. The ratio of girls to guys is 30 to 1. This was her party so she was the one who invited people. Typical jersey girl, she has all guy friends with one girl "best friend" who she hates. I spend most of the night trying not to get covered in gel and spray-on tanner listening to conversations about the benefits of dumbells over machines. Having lived in North Jersey for five years and being someone who works out I know how to talk to the guido's. Not to mention my addiction to Jersey girls(female guido's). I even have befriended some of them over the years. Ironically, my favorite guido isn't even Italian. He is French and Lebonese. But you would die arguing that this guy was Italian. ED has pictures of himself all over his room. I have a pretty big ego, but it is nothing compared to Ed's. Physical description: 5'7" tall, 190lbs, "jacked," tan, blacked hair that is always spiked out(called a "blow out"). Ed will only wear shirts that do not have sleeves on them because he does not want to deprive anybody from seeing his guns. He has a button up shirt that he took the sleeves off of and only wears it with the collar popped. It is on of the funniest things you will ever see.

this story really has no purpose.

I am really drunk.