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September 14, 2008


Cohaug (s).

I've lived in CT all my life. It's considered New England, but I'm just a hour from NYC. So I get more influence from there than saying 'Cahhh' and 'pahhhk'.

So I'm making my way to Cape Cod and a dear friend requests we get Cohuags.

'What the fuck is a cohaug?'

'I'm not sure, but I had them years ago and they were good'.

So I'm now perplexed as to whether it's an edible food or a group of Chippendales. I'll try the 1st, the later you can keep.

I know in Boston the have 'hoagies', not 'subs' and if you order a soda you get club soda. If you want a Coke, ask for Tonic (taawwwnik'). If you want a Tonic Water, I'm not sure how you ask for it.

We make it to a nice seafood resturant, all the while me scratching the inside of my head asking 'how could I have lived up here all these years and never heard of this?'

Sure enough, right at the top of the menu are the Cohaugs. I'm zeroing in. I have a good guess as to what they are, but lemme wait to actually see one before I embarrass myself further by guessing it's some type of squid.

They are big stuffed clams.

I'm like, OK, that's a really big stuffed clam. Why not call them large/huge/jumbo stuffed clams. We eat stuffed clams in CT. They're good. Not as big as these large/huge/jumbo stuffed clams, but pretty darn good.

My friend inhales them, leaving me 1/2 of one. I try it. Yummy. A large/huge/jumbo yummy stuffed clam.

So I start to learn that unlike shrimp, which are done by sizes-- large/jum oh you get it-- they have different names for various sizes. Little necks, cherry, some others.

I just know we had fresh steamers last night and they were like eating candy. We all looked like 'Dawn of the Dead' reaching over each other to grab what we could before some other zombie got more than their fair share.

Today, I get invited to go to a house to watch the Pats play the Jets. The host was going out this morning at 6:30 to dig for another batch of fresh clams.

I wish you were all here in Wellfleet to enjoy them.

I'll have a Cohaug on you.


PS- SiilyBitch goes down with Bears today. At least she had the balls to bet something--- LAURIE!!!