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January 22, 2010


Update/Meanderings and the News That’s Fit to Print

OK my FOD friends, I thought it was time I did a “Weekend Update” regarding some of my previous blogs, particularly in light of some of things I’ve read here lately. It’s true that what goes around comes around.

Jimbo’s Exercise Program/Laugh Tracks and the Sitcom Conundrum 

Well, there have been some setbacks.

1.   The cold/flu in November had me cutting back big time. It’s a little bit difficult heading out into the cold (walk) when you’re hacking up sputum and your snot is freezing to your face.

2.   Christmas Holidays provided enough temptations to redirect my efforts into overeating, excessive drinking and lethargy.


But alas, I’ve got things back on track.


I’ve given up on the Ti Chi because, it is such a laid back slow moving activity, that I actually felt as if my Chi was affecting me more like a large dose of antihistamine; making me drowsy and ready for naps.


Now, I still walk outside twice a day (Pumba’s Poop Walks), but my in-the- house activity has changed to using the Cardio Style MS100 Stepper. This stair-climbing Thing-a-Ma-Jig gizmo is just the answer to my Ti Chi aversion, even though it is stand-in-one spot boring.

However, two recent items here on FOD got me moving in another direction; (1) Clay’s link to the article describing how groups follow the leader and (2) the video of the “Big Bang Theory”; the one without a laugh track (not funny). Rotwang’s blog-week on the aspects of humour and criticism just made this all the more clear to me. I needed quality funny, some legitimate laughs and a focus. I decided to multi-task.


So, how did I combine the humour/theory/laugh track dissertation to my fitness agenda? Just as I did with “CSI: Miami” and the use of our now defunct treadmill. I watch videos while I work out. 


The bottom line is that I decided to watch comedy rather than drama.


So, here’s my blatant attempt to flog a show I think some of you would really enjoy. Every day I mount the Cardio Style MS100 and watch an episode of “Corner Gas” for a full 20 minutes.  


Corner Gas is a Canadian Sitcom with a great cast of bizarre and unique characters that plays out without the use of a laugh track. So, the laughs you experience are pristine, pure and unadulterated. It’s “real funny”!


Much like Seinfeld, it is basically “a show about nothing”, because the Town of Dog River sits smack dab in the prairies in outback Saskatchewan. You can’t get much more rural than that. The comedy is based on all of those little small town/small mind issues that become “major” points for gossip and action. 


And, the writing is as good as or better than you find on a lot of the Sitcoms you see on mainstream TV.


Currently I’m watching Season #1. Here are just a few of the premises that have been explored.


1.   A take-off on cell phones where the male characters try to compete in the size of their phones (who can get the smallest one), but the underlying conversations sound like they’re talking about penis size.

2.   The town’s efforts to come up with “A Great Big Thing” to attract tourists. The big thing turns out to be a giant garden- hoe, and, of course, the running joke becomes a play on the fact that a “ho” is a whore. Just hilarious.

3.   The babysitting the bad kid episode was hilarious and a classic.


You can get information on the now retired show (6 year run) on their Webpage:




You can also buy sets of each season at your local video store.


When my family headed across the continent last July we were fortunate enough to visit the remote town of Rouseau, Saskatchewan where the show was filmed. That was a “pig in shit” experience for me.

Hey, if you see a 2005 Buick Rendezvous with a Corner Gas Air Freshener hanging from the mirror, that's ME, so wave!


Well, maybe I did trick you into reading a bit of SPAM here but, I just had to share this because of the chuckles and guffaws I get while working out. (I’m sure the neighbours who see me through the bay window think I’m a crack addict) Nevertheless, you people are an intelligent bunch and I know you’d appreciate intelligent humour.

And, if you do get to watch an episode of Corner Gas my family tells me that the closest character I resemble (In action, deeds and thinking) is Hank, even though I look more like Oscar.


I wonder why they’d say that.

The State of the Union: Humour Report:

I write because (1) I have time on my hands and (2) as Jimmy would say, “I’m Growing Older but Not Up.”

Better than any compliment I’ve had here are the ones I sometimes get from family and friends.

I asked my daughter, who is up to her eyeballs in University courses, to take a break and read some of my latest blogs. After doing so, she had this to say. "Dad, I was laughing so hard and so loud that my landlord came up to see if I was alright. When she saw the tears running down my cheeks, it only made matters worse. You really write funny stuff, dad.”

So, though sticks and stones may break my bones the “Die Bombs” will never hurt me. My daughter’s laughter and the joy in her voice are all I need to keep writing more and commenting incessantly.


1.   It’s been two weeks since the tooth was extracted. Thanks to Lizardladyfla for putting me on to the possibility of a dry socket.  Does KY work for that?

2.    Vitamin B: After a week my body adapted to the stuff. My face is no longer beet red. I’m hoping my good cholesterol, which was bad, is now as good as my bad cholesterol was good.

I won’t mention who, but one of you suggested that they got tremendous gas while on Vitamin B therapy. No worries, I had tremendous gas before the treatment. You see, I put the “fart” in “old fart”, my friends, so you can forget about the “rama-rama-ding- dong”.

3.   Pumba the Farting dog - still passes wind. But, I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer and I’ve been trying some of Caesar’s techniques on the little SD. They actually work. Just ask my wife, she uses them on me, too! 

4.   Haven’t done a tally lately, but some of us still get a huge amount of votes, both Funny and Die, while others sit with very few. I’m keeping to the notion that all votes are FUNNY votes, because the DIES are really just strategic in nature.

5.   All that scotch I got for Christmas has been dutifully converted to urine. What an efficient waterworks I have and what dedication I have demonstrated. As a basketball coach, I’m all in favour of hydration, especially if the “proof” is right.

6.   John Daly is looking really good these days. He’s lost a lot of weight and another wife. (See, I refuse to make a Tiger reference here.)

7.   I’ve told you about PD 13 and the Norfolk Fair, big events here in Podunkville. Well, tonight my brother and sister-in-law are taking us to an “Open Jam” session at a bowling alley/restaurant in Scotland, Ontario. I ‘m sure they’ll serve haggis and sing Robbie Burn’s tunes. When I drove my daughter past the place yesterday she said, “Dad, that place is a dump.” Perhaps I’ll find some Fodder for FOD blog while I bowl.

So, I think I’m up to date now.


Don the Tower Guy just left with Pumba barking at his heels. He’s re-jigged my satellite dish. You see, a damn windstorm “blew it up real good!”  The bugger charged me a hundred bucks, though. I think he thinks I’m a little wet behind the years. He kept making a “chish” sound and snapped his fingers much like Caesar Millan.


HHmmmmmmm. Like I'd fall for that shit.


 Oh well, at least I can watch my Leafs and Raptors lose more games in High Definition.


Talk to you soon.