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April 04, 2010


Do you really want to know what pisses me off? Man, there are more things all of the time, and the list keeps growing. So, where do I start? I could start with my wife, but all of you married folks know, a wife is supposed to piss a husband off. It is in the contract, and it is her job to piss me off occaisionally!
Let me just start with the younger generation. I am not going to say that all of the people of the younger generation are bad, but the majority of them tend to piss me off! If you have a normal job, (outside of the fast-food or Walmart type of work), then you have seen some truly worthless humans! You can hire a 25 year old to drive a forklift, but you better be prepared to hear a lot of complaining. Let's see, you sit on your ass all day (or night), letting your machine do all of the work. So, why are you bitching? Oh shit, that's right, you just might have to use your brain! In my opinion, most younger people are lazy! The exception seems to be the people who went in the service after high school. Most people in their mid-20's seem to still be living in mom's basement, but yet they bitch about not having any money. God forbid you should ask the 25 year old to work overtime! You'll hear one excuse after the next. And, I am not going to start harping on the quality of work these folks do. I don't like shortcuts, but that's all they want to give you!
America seems to be going to "Hell in a handbag"! I can remember some of the stories that my parents and grandparents use to tell me. How tough life was, and how the word "pride" seemed to show up in every story. I was taught to take pride in whatever I chose to do. Back in the 70's, if you saw something that was made in Hong Kong or China, it meant that it was of inferior quality. "Made in China" meant "piece of shit"! Now, much to my dis-belief, "Made in the USA" means "piece of shit"! How did our nation get behind the rest of the world on quality? (See the lazy comments above.) People, anymore, seem to just want to be handed a paycheck for not really doing anything at all. Most people don't have a good work ethic, and they don't really give a shit. "Oh, this company treats us like shit!" "They should do more for their employees." But, where is the payoff for the company? Oh, I get it, you think that you deserve a raise for being a fuck-up! I come in late all of the time, so I think that I deserve another paid day off! Did you just ship the wrong item to a customer? But you deserve a fucking raise, right? I know that when I pay for a service or product, I want it to be perfect. So, why should you get a paycheck for fucking your company? 
So, you just bought a new computer at Best Buy, and the damn thing was missing a keyboard when you took it out of the box. (I would be pissed off too!) So, what is the first thing that you do? You look for the customer service number on your reciept, right? The store that you bought your computer from is only 20 miles from your house, so why is customer service located in India? So, now you have a choice. You can either stay on the phone for an hour hoping that the mother-fucker on the other end understands you, and not be able to use your new computer for a few weeks, or you can hang up the phone to drive another hour to get back to the store and stand in a line for an hour before somebody helps you.
Heres something that pisses me off to no end! When I go grocery shopping, it is usually on a Saturday morning. This is something that my wife and I can do together, so I wan't things to go smooth. One day, while shopping, my wife and I were in the Dairy aisle. She went a bit up the aisle to get eggs, and I was getting butter and cheese. Then the smell hit me! Stepping in between my wife and I was a man who was one of the nastiest motherfuckers I have ever smelled. The son-of-a-bitch farted, and stood there and grinned. If you have ever drank beer, you are familiar with a "beer-fart". This was a beer-fart mixed with a pickled-egg-fart, and it was burning my nose hairs! Later, we were in the canned goods aisle, when I saw the same motherfucker coming towards us. The bastard shit his pants again! Well, me being as bold as I am, started cussing him out up one side and down the other. It wasn't a pretty sight, and if my wife wasn't there, it would have been much worse! We didn't see that rauchy fuck again, that is, until we hit the check-out. That bastard got in line behind my wife. As soon as I saw him, I lit his sorry ass up! "You get your fuckin' stinkin' ass outta my line before I beat the fuck out of you!" I pulled my wife out of the way to go after the guy, and he took off. I expained to the store manager about the pickled-egg-beer-farts, and left. Why are there so many ignorant motherfuckers in our society? They piss me off!
There are so many things that tend to piss me off! I can always write about them another time. Thanks for reading my rants!