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That Bombshell Girl  ( Barbie Moon ( Shanis Mcghee ) grow up in foster care never knew her parents drop out of school became a homeless then became a stripper and then became a single mom of a little boy named James Nelson Jr. An as for her baby daddy her so called BF at the time now ex the old creep himself James Nelson ( Pauly Shore ) he owns strip clubs all over the world and he is the son of the King of Black Market the bad guy himself Al Nelson ( King Kong Bundy ) the lord of drugs and weapons. An so after she made enough money she split from the Nelson family and got her own place and got her son the hell away from the Nelson mob. An so she became a pin up bombshell girl to pay the bills and what not you dig. An when she not being mom of the year or doing her pin up shoots. She is fighting the Nelson family under her masked superheroine ego "The Bombshell Girl" and with the help of old friend who is the person who knows she is the Bombshell Girl the freelance photographer Jacob Gray ( Jacob Stetar ) will help her with her son little Al Nelson and he will also watch her back in her modeling career and even sometimes when she being the Bombshell Girl. Always on the run and hiding from the Nelson family as Barbie Moon but as The Bombshell girl she can take on the world. Rated T.V. MA or R if you want to do a movie with this idea. But am telling you T.V. shows , Movies , Comic book series , Video Games , Toys , and more will come out of this idea i call the Bombshell Girl. So do her up bros ! An all this goes down in Pittsburgh PA.  "Look you can shoot where you want and cast who you want but my way this the best way and since it my idea i think you would be better off doing it my way but it's your life and it's in your hands now.") 

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