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Back in 99 (  So the year is 1999 where two single dudes go on a double blind date with two single chicks and this here blind date was setup by a Mutual friends you dig big cats. OK now lets get into this over the top all out wild as Hell comedy that takes place all in one weekend. So Cody Jeremiah Hall aka C.J. and his home boy Jacob Paul Jones aka J.P. are 20 somethings who work together as cooks at a restaurant called The Farm , where their friend and the manager The Farm restaurant Oliver Leon Oyler old Double O is going to hook are boys up on this blind date for this weekend  N'dat. An now lets get to know the ladies Sally Ann Oyler aka Oliver's younger sister and her BFF Holly Lee Anderson both work together at a Hot Topic and their single looking to mingle a ;-). So Oliver has setup a double blind with C.J. and J.P. for them on the weekend at a house party at Oliver's girlfriend's house on Friday night after work and her name is Amber Nicole Garcia and she is a radio DJ for a living. Anyways ! At her house party things get off the hook with a live band called The Heat playing in the back yard and every freak in town is there getting their freak on like no other you dig home E G ! Anywho ! C.J. and Sally hit off well and Holly and J.P. hit it off well at this wild ass party that killed it ! An so since they know each other now and things went well at this cool party and all that stuff you know what am sayin dogs. The 4 them decide to go on another double date on Saturday night. An so the 4 of them run wild all over the city getting into all kinds of crazy ass shit and these good times don't end until Monday morning when they all to go back to work after the best f in weekend ever ! An so ever since that weekend C.J. and Sally have been together and are now married here in 2015 and same goes for J.P. and Holly and hell that same shit even goes for Oliver and Amber as you will see mates. An yes they all still work the same jobs here in 2015 and yes their all tight with each other and all that kind of shit you dig home slice. So turn up the tunes on Amber Nicole Garcia show and let the good times roll on ! An as for that band The Heat their still and independent band who play house parties and what not. An yes at the end of the movie it's all of them together at a house party where The Heat is playing. An yes this is a flash back story told at this house party if you dig what am saying G. But yeah you get the idea so now have fun making it your own. An make it has some real edge with the jokes and what is going on in the wild adventure of a double date weekend that never ends. Hit up the cool spots and lets get FREAKY ! Rated R as it gets my friends !) 

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