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it's my Life ( A single mom named Miss. Shanis Stetar is a struggling actress living in the Pittsburgh PA. An she is the mom of a 6 year old little boy named Tanner Stetar and Shanis does enjoy drinking and smoking pot but if she can't find full time work she is going to lose her son to foster care because the father of son is out of the picture since she got pregnant and yes he hasn't been seen from or herd from in 7 years by her so who the Hell know what is going on with him but it's not about him at all. So anyways a goofball film maker from the same Pittsburgh P.A. area as Shanis named Jacob Paul, who is a old friends of Shanis being that grow up together and all. He wants to shot a reality T.V. show about her life and since Shanis needs the work she takes him up on the offer but only if his the only cam man when making this reality show. So Jacob Paul ( who is single with no kids mind you ) moves in with Shanis and her son Tanner and they start to shoot this reality show called "it's Shanis World" and things get real. Because Tanner starts to look up to Jake so old Jacob Paul because his father figure and on top of that Jacob and Shanis are starting to become more than just good friends as this reality show becomes a big hit t.v. show on a T.L.C. type channel or what have you as they become a happy family together making ends meet by doing this reality show it's Shanis World because as Jacob Paul knows it's Shanis Stetar's world and where all just living in it you dig. "This new t.v show is sweet, odd, and funny that is timeless but current. Rated T.V. PG or even PG 14 will do." Starring Shanis Mcghee as Shanis Stetar and Jake Stetar or at least some who likes me as Jacob Paul in this cool new school sitcom coming in the winter of  2014. This is so money it's Gold baby. ) 

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