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Breast Man ( A series about two doctors who created breast implants as this follows them over the years. However, when success and money come their way, they separate and follow different paths. A young plastic surgery intern gets tired of watching exciting developments in other fields (artificial hearts, etc). He finds a current, safe type of breast implants. All he has to do is convince his supervising surgeon this will work, and find a volunteer for the first patient. They gain immense financial success as cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries become accepted and frequented in American culture, but follow different paths. One becomes a narcissist interested in developing and implanting larger-sized implants popular with erotic dancers and female porn stars. The other continues to pursue a more serious , clinical approach for the everyday woman.  A all out dark comedy with lots of tits in the mix , a show that is a lot of fun but gets deep. ) Dr. Kevin Saunders  becomes " The  narcissist " and Dr. William Larson becomes the " the nice guy more serious one " over time and we get to watch the life and time of both both doctors over the years.  Should of been a show in the first place but i say lets turn this 1997 H.B.O. T.V. movie into a full on series , but it has to be on something that can show full nakedness , sex , blood , bad words , and all that good stuff , um k big dogs that run sh*t these days. An yes it should shot in LA by director Benjamin Ayres with head writer Vince Offer if you ask me my t.v. show making peeps. So hook it up players ! But whoever where ever just make this into a t.v. show for us already ! in 2015 ;-) with an all new look and feel to this do over on 1997 film Breast Man in a full on show that puts it's own spin on things. ) 

An if you help casting for this show. 
Starring: ****
Chris Masterson as Dr. William Larson 
Jonathan Spencer as Dr. Kevin Saunders 

Sidnote: " Am more of a itty bitty titties man myself because am an all natural kind of guy but then again big fake tits if i can touch them there real and i will f*ck them i will f*ck them so hard ! Big old butts , itty bitty titties over fake tits any day of the week for me mates. But sometimes tits need fixed and these where the men who done did it my peeps. "  

"Better than Masters of Sex." - Said every dude who ever beat off to episodes of Masters of Sex + it's funny as f*ck ! **** 

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