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Dear GOD

LOOK MAN ! Check it out LORD i need my own money, my own place, my own things, a GF, an some new friends ! Because everything in my life needed changed for the better as in right away. An don't even get me started on the - crap because all it's going to do is bring more - crap back on me but am being real here an the true is i can't be + about anything at all that is going in my life. Because i need mother f*cked payed Lord ! So God the only thing that an fix my life is money lots and lots of money as in right now because things are not so good for me at all in life these past 11 years of my adult life ! So help a honky out God an make that money rain down on me like i was a high end stripper on Saturday night my king because like i said am in pain and the only thing that is going to take away this pain is cash mother f*cking Money as in NOW ! AN YOU THiS LORD ! SO HOOK iT UP ! Because sh*t has hit the fan in my life an i need a out of this sh*t house that am in o lord ! HELP ME ! HELP ME ! HELP ME ! By giving me what i want and what i needs and that dat cash money boss ! God please do it up for me big cat because i can't do it on my own God ! Help NOW !


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