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Backwoods Crime ( Dusty Little Jr is a beer drink weed smoking backwoods gym rat \ hunter. An his the owner of a bar called The Little Bar is a family owned bar that has been passed down to him by his father years ago when his father was still alive fighting the lung cancer he died from that he got from working the coal mines back in the day ( An he lives above the bar in a nice country style apartment ). So anyways he makes a living running the bar and will this wild man has never been married and he doesn't have any kids that he knows about anyways. An old Dusty Little is now dating the world famous actress Bette Roberts ( also never married and no kids ) well she is taking time off work and is staying with Dusty so they work out their wedding plans. But then just days for before the wedding a creepy loner weird o who lives alone in a run down cabin in the middle of the wood somewhere in the local area. An his named Jacob Sky and he has kidnapped his favorite actress Better Roberts on her way back home after a long day of trying on wedding dresses the her wedding day. An Jacob Sky has kidnapped her for his own f*cked pleasures. An since the cops in this area are worthless it up to Dusty Little to save his soon to be wife from being raped and murdered for this freak show Jacob Sky who just so happens to be the bastard son of Dusty Little. You see Dusty Little's High School GF Sarah Sky got pregnant with Jacob but never told Dusty Little about be pregnant because she moved away with her parents and did say a word about any of to Dusty Little and she hasn't been seen or heard from by Dusty Little ever since because she was ashamed of herself. An so with the help of her parents she raised up this freak show we know as Jacob Sky. An when Jacob Sky found out about Dusty Little being his father he lost it and drop everything in life and left town and has been stocking his dad ever since ( But never telling anyone that his the son of Dusty Little ) living in the woods that some wildman ( doing all kind of freaky sh*t ) and creeping on his daddy like a total nut case that he has become. An now it's life or death time. Kill your bastard son to save not only the life of your soon to be wife but your own life and others as well is the goal for Dusty Little in this action horror mystery story that is Rated R as it gets and then some. Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin as Dusty Little, then we got Alicia Silverstone as Bette Roberts and Zachery Ty Bryan as Jacob Sky in this freaky little movie that is sure to make you sick and freak you the f*ck out big time. "This has cult classic dark comedy gold on it and then some baby for f in sure dogs !" Am telling you this has underdog sleep hit of the year all over it Hollyweird so do it up big money players. Release date Dec 13 2014 straight to Netflix.) 

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