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The Handyman ( A cold-blooded serial killer floats around the U.S.A. working as a licensed independent handyman, who is killing people who complain about their lives as his life goal. An this serial killer goes by meany names but his birth names is Carlos Guerrera ( John Leguizamo ) an he was raised by a single drunk womanizing abusive drug dealer father Mr. Chavo Guerrera ( Luis Guzman ) in the mean streets of N.Y.C. So Carlos Guerrea always had it rough in life growing up you see, his mother Mrs. Marry Guerrera ( Vikki Gurdas ) the junkie died giving birth and Carlos was an only child so his dad really would beat the f*cking sh*t out of him and make him feel like sh*t with the things he said and did to his son Carlos. So that is what made Carlos Guerrea into a killer and the first person he ever killed was his a*shole dad Mr. Chavo Guerrea after he came back home from trade school where he became a handyman for X-Mas he shot and killed his dad because his dad complained about life. An ever since that day meany meany years ago Carlos Guerrea has been traveling all over the U.S.A. as a handyman and killing people who don't love life because his sick of people complaining about living the good life he never had growing up in N.Y.C. An so after meany years of traveling the U.S.A. living out of his truck and motels fixing things and killing people for living, Carlos is coming back home to the N.Y.C. to do his thing. His favorite songs to jam when killing are Don't Worry Be Happy and also Somebody i used to know. An yes he is on the most wanted list, But ! When you are as slick as Carlos is or whatever name his going by at the time with whatever look his using at the time it's kind of hard to track this mother f*cker down. Trust me the F.B.i have been looking for this guy for 30 years now but maybe just maybe this is the year they get his ass. An the only way Carlos is going out is if they kill him dead. An the F.B.i agent woman that has been assigned to the case is Rookie F.B.i field agent  is the bastard child of Carlos Guerrera and her name is Miss. Jaymie Carr ( Elena House ), Jaymie was adopted a birth by the Carr family Jill and Joe Carr ( they get killed by Carlos Guerrera in this movie ) from N.Y.C. because her mom Candis Ray ( Talisa Soto ) is a N.Y.C. hooker and her daddy Carlos Guerrera who loves Candis Ray is a serial killer on the run a. So it's going to be a show down with old dad in the end after he kills her real mom and the love of his life Candis Ray as the person he ever kills because Carlos Guerrera gets killed by his bastard child F.B.i. agent Miss. Jaymie Carr in the end. Yes this is a very deep and very sick and twisted lind of a drama-horror movie not for the faint of heart by any means what so ever at all you all for sure a. Rated R ! sidenote: An just so you know the Carlos Guerrea family tree is of mix races or should i say nationalities on both sides like most Americans are up here in the U.S.A. OK people ! Anyways am telling this movie will be one of the best movies of all times ! A +)  

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