Hell Boy 3 in 3D is a must do ! . 

Dredd 2 3D LETS DO THiS ! 

Stroker and Hoop ( Adult Swim needs to bring that show back for a new season. ) 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling needs T.V. time. 

Dreamcast 2 needs made because there are a lot of SEGA titles they could make from Dreamcast 2. 

Contra 3D the live action movie 

Heavy Metal 3000 ( now that would be a cool new animated movie with some good tunes on that bitch. ) 

John Cena should be giving a superhero role don't care what hero just make him a hero already. 

The Tick best be coming back like i keep hearing. 

The Barb Wire comic books need to make a come back and a new live action Barb Wire movie needs made and also a live action Barb Wire and Ghost movie should be made as well a. 

Darkman the animated series. 

Drik Gentily's Holistic Detective Agency the T.V. series based off the books would be sweet ! 

Confederacy of Dunces the t.v. series or movie or both need done ASAP ! 

Put more pro wrestlers in Movie and T.V. shows. 

Secret Girlfriend should make a come back as Comedy Central web show this time around because that show is GOLD ! 

H.B.O. needs new episodes of REAL SEX and other porn. 

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