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Bigger ( A series about two BFF doctors who do breast implants together as this follows them over the years. However , when success and money come their way, they separate and follow different paths. An their BFF relationship all started in 2016 when a young plastic surgery intern named Rich Sanders , gets tired of watching exciting developments in other fields (artificial hearts, etc). He finds a new safe type of breast implants. All he has to do is convince his supervising surgeon Dr. Chip Williams this will work , and so they find a volunteer for the first patient. They gain immense financial success as their new way of cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries become accepted and frequented in American culture in the future , but are new BBF doctors end up follow different paths. One becomes a narcissist interested in developing and implanting larger-sized implants popular with erotic dancers and female porn stars. The other continues to pursue a more serious , clinical approach for the everyday woman.  A all out dark comedy with lots of tits in the mix , a show that is a lot of fun but can get deep. ) Dr. Rich Sanders  becomes " The  narcissist " and Dr. Chip Williams  becomes the " the nice guy more serious one " over time and we get to watch the life and time of both both doctors over the years for jump street. ) 

EMT Guy ( Haunted by the patients he failed to save , Dustin Oliver an extremely burned-out ambulance paramedic fights to maintain his sanity working mid-nights as a EMT in the city of Pittsburgh PA. Dustin Oliver is 35 year old and has been a EMT in the city he was born a raised in ( Pittsburgh PA ) since we was 18 years old. Dustin Oliver is single , never married , no kids , no friends , lives a lone and is a full on workaholic with a love for rum and you know to keep the edge off you dig. But deep down like most of us do , Dustin Oliver would love to have a wife and kids with real true friends as in having a life worth living outside of work and drinking rum ! But a it is what it is man.  Rated T.V. MA ) 

Political and Social ( A comedy that takes place in 2020 about a hard partying mayor trying to get re-elected for a second run at being the mayor of Pittsburgh PA in the first season.  Mayor in the city of Pittsburgh PA here in the USA in 2020 , Mayor Bud Hunter ( Brooks Wheelan ) is a 30 year old wild man ( kind of like a Rob Ford like Mayor but not a fat ass an not on crack  only beer and weed because he has a city to run damn it ! ) that can sweet talk the pants off anyone aka that's how he got this Mayor Job in the first place. An yes ladies his single ! (  Never married and no kids just so you know ladies ) Mayor Rod Ford is a drunk stoner vegan that is as left wing as it gets an then some for sure and this are his wild ass adventures in the so called live of Mayor Bud Hunter. As we watch both his freaky Social life and his Political career go down in this balls to wall comedy with a real edge called Political and Social : The Bud Hunter Stories. Rated T.V. MA as a mother f*cker  and then some buds !  #Bud ) 

Tits Angeles ( Plastic Surgeon 35 year old Dr. Harry Wang ( Justin Chon ) becomes a narcissist interested in developing and implanting larger-sized implants popular with erotic dancers and female porn stars here in the Los Angeles area. You see Dr. Wang he finds a new safe type of breast implants that all the freaks what done for them asap. An well Dr. Harry Wang ends up getting mixed up and lost in the world smut that is Los Angeles. An if fuck up everything in his by becomes this sick son of bitch , but his loving every minute of it and is blind to the fact his trashing his life. But your 35 years old and have no life outside of work getting mixed up in all this smut is a dream cum };-O true of Dr. Harry Wang and this are his weekly Adventures in Tits Angeles baby ! Rated T.V. MA.  ) 

Cabin Boy : The T.V. Series ( A foul-mouthed finishing school graduate mistakenly winds up on an ill-fated fishing boat, and faces the wrath of a crew that considers him bad luck. Snobby school boy goes left, and mistakes the "Filthy Whore" for his millionaire dad's yacht. He joins four filthy fishermen for hijinx on the high seas. Rated T.V. MA )
Starring :Christopher Masterson as Nathanial Mayweather aka Cabin Boy

One Last Run 3D ( Promoting the Professional Wrestling Federation ( P.W.F. )  at the expense of the P.W.F. company , his own dime and his love life , the new CEO of the P.W.F. ( taking over for his dad who just died of a heart attack James Cody ) James Cody Jr ( Freddie Prinze, Jr.  ) takes a stand and defends what he thinks is right for the P.W.F. By promoting the P.W.F. Hall of Famer , ( the 48 years old washed up action movie actor and ex wrestler ) , Paul Jacobs aka P.J. ( Bill Goldberg ) who hasn't pro wrestled in 11 years ( been acting for 11 years now ) Vs The current P.W.F. World Champion an face ( like John Cena , as in a lot of the of fans don't like him ) of the P.W.F. Joey Kool ( Garrett Bischoff ) for a make or brake P.P.V. for the P.W.F. inside a Steel Cage Match for the P.W.F. World Championship Title Belt Live on P.P.V. An if these P.P.V. flop it's over for P.W.F. for good so this main event better be good. A pro wrestling movie by the wrestling fan for the pro wrestling fan with real pro wrestler in it , a true cult classic for us die hard pro wrestling fan boys and girls. by director Brian Robbins and Screenplay by Robert Siegel. ) 

Ready Two Rumble ( Two slacker brothers who have never work a day in their lives because they where born with a sliver spoon in mouths big brothers 31 year Carter Jones ( Clark Duke ) & little brother 26 year old  Mac Jones ( Christophe Mintz-Plasse ) are wrestling fans who are devastated by the ousting of their favorite character Jon Powers ( Bill Goldberg ) by an unscrupulous promoter their father Andy Jones ( David Anthony Higgins ).  So the boys they embark on a quest to help their hero win his title - and honor - back. Rated PG 13. ) 

Any Given Sunday : A New Season ( Bill Goldberg as the new rookie head coach who is ex player pro bowl player for the Sharks. Rated R ) 

The Steroid Era ( A new baseball movie that takes place in the Steroid Era , about an all-star major league RF player in the last season of his major league baseball career , his name is Sam Young ( Bill Goldberg ) an his a man who is on the Steroids and has been for years. Sam Young was picked up on a 1 year contract a free agents and he is playing on a good team this season for the first time in his long career ( use fake team if need be ) a team that is going to win it all this season but it's at the cost of Sam Young's life thanks to heavy Steroid use. Rated R dark drama.  ) 

The Replacements 2 : The Scabs Year ( This year football is on strike before practice for the next season even starts ! So this season strike ( 16 years after the last one ) the Scabs will get a full season and yes even the super bowl it self will be played by the Scabs. An Middle LB Max Folk ( Bill Goldberg ) comes back to football after dropping out of the NFL draft a long time ago to take care of the family farm an well the old timer becomes the Team Captain of the Washington Sentinels and they go to win the super bowl. ) 

Eight O'clock in the Morning 3D ( The movie starring Bill Goldberg Nada ) 

Prove it ( God has made a bet with the Devil: if one human of the Devil's choosing can't prove that humanity is decent in one Earth years time , God will scrap all of creation and start over again. The Devil chooses 30 year old unemployed slacker ( " "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.") Ken Toole ( Patrick Renna ) who lives with his mother Terrie Toole ( Edie McClurg ) ( Ken Toole raised by single mother Terrie Toole , Ken never know his dad and is only child , Ken has never been married , he has no kids , an really he has no life , but loves party , an his mom is a classic enabaler Miss. Terrie Toole is the queen of enabler but that what happens when your such a nice lady.) , Ken Toole is an educated , but slothful 30-year-old man living with his mother , who is a man in his quest for employment , an i his quest he has various adventures with colorful characters.., Now Ken Toole has to live a decent life with no hints from God ( Megan Ward ) and constant temptation from the Devil ( Pauly Shore ) over this bet between God the Devil.  " AKA it's God The Devil and Bob meets Confederacy of Dunces. Rated R or TV MA you call Hollywood.)

Manos : The Hands of the Wicked 3D ( A group of Girl friends out for a wild night of partying on the hunt for some men , Sally Woods ( ) , Sara Wright  ( ) , Samantha Jones ( ) and Sue Cooke ( ) are BFF club they gets lost on the road and stumbles upon a hidden, underground, devil-worshiping cult led by the fearsome master James Masterson ( ) and his servant Eddy Torgo ( ). So anyways are pack of girl friends are driving through a small town when they get lost and they wind up at a backwoods shack managed by Eddy Torgo , who takes care of it while The Master is away. The Master James Masterson worships Manos, an evil deity, and he also wears a neat cape. When Eddy Torgo lets the BFF club of girl friends stay at the Shack ( that's what the old run down motel is called " Shack Motel " ) , The Master awakens and does mean stuff like burning off Eddy Torgo's hand and sicking his dog on the girl friends pet. Meanwhile, The Master's  3 wives Stephanie Masterson ( ) , Sherry Masterson ( ) and Robin Masterson ( ) wrestle for James Masterson favor by torturing there guest here to death here at the Manos Shack for this sick sun of bitches love. An so the only way out is by killing because here at the Shack Motel it's kill or be killed ! . One of the most sick and twisted movies you will ever see in your life and yes their will be tits. Rated R.  Make it as real life like as you can , because we all know their are some sick people out their in evil cults doing even more f*cked up sh*t than all this out their in the world today.#666 )

Champ ( independent pro wrestler Jake Kidman has a personal trainer GF named Bethany Cooke  , she is his psycho girlfriend who breaks up with him on the regularly but then decides for one last sexual encounter so their relationship is in flux. He meets video game designer Jamie Lee  who seems perfect for him , but he puts off actually dating her for fear of Bethany's reaction. His two best friends, Kevin Easton and Sam West , are constantly trying to create the next Internet happenings in pro wrestling in their attempts to run an independent Pro Wrestling promotion called I.P.W.F ( independent Pro Wrestling Federation ) with their best friend Jake Kidman as their Champ, ( Jake Kidman meets Jamie because of Sam and Phil who getting a i.P.W.F. video game independently made by Jamie Fletcher so she is going to be around a lot ). But pro wrestling stuff aside , really this is just a rom-com sitcom that is rated T.V. MA. ) 

( More random crap later ) 


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