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March 02, 2009


We have been promoting submitting written contributions about disc golf to www.2009congress.olympic.org for the past 2 months. A huge thank you goes to everyone that participated. Since the deadline has passed for that event we are now launching our Olympic disc golf petition mission into action. Our online petition at www.petitiononline.com/discgolf has had great success since its creation last September. We even held 2 live signings with our real petition in late fall that collected well over 200 signatures and was well recieved by all. We have been trying to obtain sponsors for a giant signature gathering tour across the U.S., but we have not had any serious takers yet so we have decided to release the real petition on our website to the general disc golf public. Our hope is that with the disc golf season getting into full swing fellow disc golfers will print it out and hold live Olympic disc golf petition signings across the U.S. and maybe even more!! We have gotten news coverage from our early efforts(see www.youtube.com/discgolfbuzz for video), so if we all pull together and make a go of it we could really kick up some dust and put disc golf on the map, and if nothing else help lay the ground work for the future of the sport. We do have a time limit to keep in mind. All disc golf petitions must be mailed to the address at the bottom of the petition by 9-15-09. So we can have some time to gather them all and get them boxed up and shipped out in time for the IOC meeting in early October. So if you are a fan of the sport here is an opportunity to do your part for the good of the game. Please visit www.DiscGolfBuzz.com today for links and to contact us with any questions.