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April 02, 2010


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1) He knows that reached the top! It was from home videos posted on the site he got to the top: attracted attention from fans of all ages, has been noticed by major labels and started to be disputed by singers Usher and Justin Timberlake. Who does he owe it? To the fans, who always gave the most support. In his twitter, Justin wishes to thank. One of these days, he posted: "I am here, in front of the Eiffel Tower. This is amazing. And it's all thanks to you. Yes, you reading this tweet.

 2) He loves and respects the girls ... Especially one in particular: Taylor Swift. Justin and Taylor Swift met through twitter. She put a video on YouTube singing "One Time" single from Justin, and he thanked. After that there were several exchanges of tweets. Now he opens up to show the singer! MTV Video Music Awards, he defended it on stage because of that incident with Kanye West. Ah, do not be jealous! Justin also loves all the girls in the world. In his music, always makes references fluffy and clips, gives greater emphasis to the girls.

3) He breaks his foot and still singing The last thing Justin wants is to disappoint the fans. During a concert in London, England, Justin soon fell when he came on stage and broke his foot. To not let the audience felt, he sang "One Time" inteirinho, even in pain. In other shows of the tour, decided to sing it with his foot bandaged.

 4) He is a stallion, but is the perfect boyfriend! Ok, he's only 16 years, but already know how to use charm pra conquer half the world. In a recent interview with Details magazine, he said he was so anxious to get to know Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake's girlfriend. Then said he thought Beyonce too. The truth is that, although he never serious boyfriend (he stayed for a month with a girl when she was 12 or 13 years), Justin is the kind cute and romantic.

5) He twitta and cares about the fans What could be softer than hearing his idol begging you to take care forever? During a confusion in shopping Rossevelt Field in New York, where would a book signing, Justin Twitter: "The event was canceled at the mall. Please go home. Police arrested has arrested one person on my team. I do not want nobody hurt. " Owwwn, cute!
6) He dances too! As if that was not enough to have such a beautiful voice, Justin can still leave us drooling when he starts to dance. Look at this video of him dancing with the singer Usher on The Ellen degenerate. Talented boys, come on people. Hahaha!

7) He has this tic with hair <3 Happens all the time, every five seconds. The little hair Justin is going into the eye and covering her vision of him and he was all charming, that gives jogadinha hair to the side. It's the cutest thing!
8) He is super good mood! I bet all the girls want a very cute boy and cat, but also be fun is one of the requests, right? By Selena Gomez admitted in an interview that Justin is great. According to her, he always makes her laugh and leaves a good mood. Uhmmm!

 9) He's super family! And that you realize easy. It is so cute when that month, he announced, all excited and not hide the happiness that had gained a brother. Justin was on tour and could not accompany the delivery, but was dying to go back to Canada to get to know you!

10) He is the king of autographs! We can not speak pro Justin that he's no time to meet the fans. He does not leave any place without first going to greet their fans. Is that when it comes to Brazil, we have the same chance to see it close, take a photo and win an autograph?