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December 18, 2013

Rumor has it Mr. Erikson is two weeks away from getting it 'in'.


Pictured Above: Oak Valley HS teacher Mr. Erikson smelling that his student, Lexi, must've just came from gym class. 

WACO, TX-Despite being a 49-year husband and father of three, Oak Valley High School teacher Bob Erikson has recently announced that “within the next couple days” he should finally be moving past the friend zone with one of his students, Lexi Devereaux. “Things have been starting to get pretty serious between us lately. Just the other day, she stayed after class and cried to me about her parents separating,” said Mr. Erikson about the 16-year-old, emotionally distraught girl who still believes authority figures only engage in strictly platonic relationships. “I think tomorrow I’m going to just come out and tell her how I truly feel. I want her to know she’s more than just my friend; she’s my everything.” At press time, Mr. Erikson also mentioned that Prom was just around the corner and that he sure hopes “that QB jerk Miles Miller doesn’t ask her before he can.”