“The Lunar Losers” is about the adventures of a group of space misfits led by former convict and now space outlaw Paul Ziser. Paul Ziser is an African-American man from Earth and after he and Roncor escaped from Prison Planet, soon were captured by the Galactic Universe Federation. By the order of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) instead of going to prison were now forced to explore and protect the universe from evil. Paul Ziser and Roncor now must be co-leaders of a group of space misfits that includes Weirdo, Kjwleo, Gar Jong, Space Fighter, The Whatzit, Miss Whatzit, The Living Eyeball, The Yellow Fellow, Hologram Harry,The Wonderful Walrus, Steam Jet Joe, Computer Man, Transfoom, and 3-K. But actually they must work alongside top GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) officers G5 and Robot Red on their journey through the universe while also battling the evils of alien warlord Qazolu and other space villains. Can this group of misfits save the day? Want to learn more about the cosmic side of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Read “The Lunar Losers” when it comes out very soon!


PANEL 1: A huge spaceship is floating in deep space.

PANEL 2: Inside the huge spaceship small big headed aliens are running away fromgunfire.


PANEL 3: Paul Ziser, a buff African-American middle-agedman wearing a prison uniform while holding two big guns, and Roncor, an orange skinned half lizard and half dog hybrid alien creature, are attacking the small big headed aliens inside their spaceship.

PAUL ZISER: We ain’t going back to jail!

PANEL 4: Paul Ziser points his gun directly at one of the small big headed aliens.

PAUL ZISER: We’re sorry you’re all going to die just because shit happens you know!


PANEL 1: Paul Ziser is standing in handcuffs before an alien council.

CAP: Two years ago.

PAUL ZISER: I’m so sorry for my actions! I swear this will never happen again!

PANEL 2: A bird-like alien with a gavel in its hand is sitting next to a blue blobcreature and a two headed-alien creature.

BIRD-LIKE ALIEN: For your crimes Mr. Ziser we sentence you to life in prison without parole!

PANEL 3: Paul Ziser staring at the alien council in anger.

PAUL ZISER: This is bullshit! Just deport me back to Earth! I want to go home!


PANEL 1: Paul Ziser and Roncor are in the cockpit of a spaceship sitting in the pilots’ seats.

PAUL ZISER: Hang on Roncor old buddy! We’re going home!

PANEL 2: A huge spaceship is flying in space.

PANEL 3: The huge spaceship flies over an alien city filled with strange alien creatures.

PANEL 4: The huge spaceship is parked outside a bar in the alien city.

CAP: Planet Gut-lo, present day.


PANEL 1: Paul Ziser holding a mug of green beer and holding it in the air.

PAUL ZISER: To freedom!

PANEL 2: Paul Ziser and Roncor sitting in a booth together drinking green beer in bigmugs.

PANEL 3: Paul Ziser wraps him arm around Roncor while Roncor is taking a sip of greenbeer from his mug.

PAUL ZISER; Roncor my brother! You’re going to love Earth!

PANEL 4: Paul Ziser’s hand is up in the air while Roncor continues to drink his greenbeer.

PAUL ZISER: Hey bartender! More Laza-Ti-Tas over here!


PANEL 1: The bartender, a huge half bear-half cow creature, is cleaning the counter.

THE BARTENDER: I know who you two are. And the police are on their way.

PANEL 2: Robots wearing police uniforms enter the bar.

ROBOT POLICE OFFICER #1: Fugitives! Show yourselves!

ROBOT POLICE OFFICER #2: Arrest Paul Ziser! Arrest Roncor!

PANEL 3: Paul Ziser and Roncor pull out their guns and aim them towards the reader.

PAUL ZISER: I don’t think so!

PANEL 4: The Robot police officers pull out their guns and aim them at the reader.



PANEL 1: A gunfight between Paul Ziser, Roncor and the Robot Police Officers breaks out inside the bar.


PANEL 2: One of the Robot Police Officers is shot in the head.

PANEL 3: The Robot Police Officer blows up after being shot.



PANEL 1: After the Robot Police Officer’s explosion, we see the aftermath and all of the aliens in the bar are dead including the bartender.

PANEL 2: Paul Ziser and Roncor are inside of a green glowing dome shield and have survived the explosion.

PAUL ZISER: You just had to have a cold one didn’t you!


PANEL 1: Paul Ziser and Roncor exit the bar and they are hurt.

PANEL 2: Paul Ziser and Roncor put their hands in the air.

PANEL 3: An army of Robot Police Officers is pointing their guns at Paul Ziser and Roncor while Paul Ziser and Roncor have their hands up in the air.

PAUL ZISER: We surrender…for now!

The Cast of The Lunar Losers!

· Paul Ziser

· G5

· RobotRed

· Geball

· Hands on His Head

· XZ

· Robot Blue

· Roncor

· Weirdo

· Kjwleo

· Gar Jong

· Space Fighter

· The Whatzit

· Miss Whatzit

· The Living Eyeball

· The Yellow Fellow

· Hologram Harry

· The Wonderful Walrus

· Steam Jet Joe

· Computer Man

· Bull Horns (Tough Horns)

· Ga Nod

· Co Nod

· Princess Ei Nod

· Boo Nod

· Transfoom

· Happy Leap Year Ghost

· Happy New Year Ghost

· 3-K

· Ke-li and Mortaki

The Enemies of The Lunar Losers!

· Qazolu

· Zrotk

· Droid 6

· Robo Rexes

· Hacko the Wise

· Emperor Rodgle

· The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)

· Gangster

· The Jom-Eom King

· The Alien Blob Thief

· The Monster Worm

· Hillax theDestroyer

· Pink Flying Skull Man & Ring Arm

· Zig Zag and Moe

· Killax the Destroyer

· Bang & Boom

· The Warden

· Hillax’s father