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September 12, 2011

Could a simple switch along U.S. roadways lead to American supremacy in mathematics?

    The youth of America are falling further and further behind the rest of the world in math testing.  I understand some of the more studious (Asian) countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea being ahead of us, but Slovenia?  That is my least favorite ”-ia” ending country.  I imagine there being an awful lot of open fields, sweaters, and smelly armpits there.  As far as I see it, there are two ways to turn this trend around. 
    On one hand, we could finally put an adequate amount of funding into our schools and pay teachers what they truly deserve.  Teachers are on the front lines with our youth and the hard-work that they put in can often times be overlooked.  This sounds expensive however, and to be honest, who wants those narcs getting paid more? 
    A cheaper and much better idea would be to start making every driving related sign into a different geometric shape.  You can walk into any public high school school in the country, pick out even the most remedial 9th grader, and he knows all about stop signs being octagons.  Right now we seem to have circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and the aforementioned octagon-shaped signs but why no heptagon?  Do you even know what a heptagon is?  I bet you would if you you saw it’s shape every time you came across one of those signs pointing out the fact that you are about to drive by a deaf kids house.  Why stop at geometry though?  Maybe slip something like the Pythagorean theorem above stoplights.