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Published May 28, 2012


There’s a beer in the UK that’s known for being an Australian beer, and consequently all the advertising is focused on the relaxed Aussie lifestyle and some of the contrasts with Australian and British culture.

A certain part of British society wishes they were more like the Aussies – we Brits love their laid-back approach to life, the ideal of hot, sunny weather that we don’t get to see often enough in Blighty and the generally more rugged feel to life.

Heaping the fuel on the fire of this perhaps not quite realistic view of Oz is the latest series of ads for Foster’s lager.

All the ads feature a couple of characters called Brad and Dan, who spend the majority of their time sitting in a ramshackle hut, taking shelter from the hot sun on a beach in Australia. These two take life pretty easy, there are girls floating around in the background looking useful, doing things like putting up the boys’ dartboard.

While Brad and Dan enjoy a can of Foster’s, they’re more than happy to answer a series of calls from British callers to the Foster’s helpline. Every Brit has a problem that they need assistance with, usually about how to deal with a girlfriend issue or something about personal hygiene.

Brad and Dan find answers to their problem, serving up common sense solutions with a few funny lines thrown in. So to the man who calls in as he doesn’t know what to say to his girlfriend about her terrible hairstyle, they say: “Lies show you care about other people’s feelings… Even if she’s got hair like a dunny brush, make her feel like a finely pruned rose.”

You get the picture! If you want to see more, go to fosters.co.uk where all the good call ads are archived.