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July 23, 2009


I am one of the quirkiest freaks you will ever meet.  Here are a few things that I cant stand the smell of.

1) The water at the top of the feta cheese container ( reminds me of what old people in church smell like)

2) Over ripe bananas ( If i see a lot of yellow while in the produce department, I skip that section for the day)

3) Dental floss after its been used ( may be due to my rotting gums and tooth decay)

4) Asparagus pee ( its just wrong, I always turn around and look for a skunk)

5) Garbage can Juice ( Dont spill it on ya, like wiping with toilet paper with a hole in it... ya aint getting that smell off for days) 

6) Another persons chair with dandruff on it ( I dont know if it smells, but im sure it does)

7) Inside belly button or ear ring hole ( if  you have not smelled either of these, leave it alone...trust me)

8) Celery wiff ( just plain disgusting)

9) Sausage burps ( always bad, and usually followed by a mouthfull of partially digested sausage)

10) Pepto Bismol ( That pink stuff is suposed to stop puking? Ya, they saw us coming...)

Let me know what you hate the smell of, I would love to know that Im not the only one thats quirky.