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February 03, 2009


Michael Phelps should not apologize for smoking a bong hit.   He's young,  he wasn't stoned when he won the Gold Medals.   All the alcohol-related deaths that are essentially the direct result of A.T.F. lobbyists are enough of a red flag for anyone with half a brain to see which drug is doing the damage.   So he might lose a sponsor or two,  big deal.   As the great Craig Ferguson said last night:  (GOOGLE IT ON THE INTERWEB THINGY)
MORE IMPORTANTLY:  Steve Martin gave us a great example of the rules of comedy
on Letterman when he said he was ill prepared for the interview since he was on that plane that slid into the Hudson.  I thought about it almost immediately after they reported zero casualties;   Fair game for comedy.   If one person had died it would have been off limits.