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August 21, 2008


Last month,I went to the doctor and he told I had a heart murmur.I wonder what was it murmuring about.Did it murmur I've done too much coke? My coke consumption wasn't that much cause i'm always too broke.Of course,whenever a free line popped up I've done.4 years ago,was the last time I've done coke.Before katrina and the politicians killed new orleans.One time,back in 1997,my nose started bleeding like a Monty python sketch or that old SNL Dan Ackroyd's sketch when he played Julia Childs and cut off his fingers.Classic comedy you gotta loved it!Anyway,I had a fountain of blood shooting out my nose in this underground metal/punk/hardcore bar.Dr.Feelgood asked me if I done any coke.Nope.I'm clean.I haven't done coke for a whole 14 days.Which back then was a record for me for any kind of sobriety.Doc was one of creepy rock n' roll doctor who hooked anybody.Especially,if you was a female.He gaves my some buspar and said the tests came back that I had high pressure.No shit,sherlock!

Now,I'm loosely called sober.I see real doctors who ain't glorfifed drug pushers.Never get your doctors,lawyers or any kind of professional help from somebody sharing the bar stool next to ya.

I'm glad to finally get a doctor who saying all those chest pains ain't just in my head.Shit,nowadays I can't get too much coffee or I get too hyper.

Maybe,I could blame Lindsay Lohan on this,too.Though,I think MILEY CYRUS IS MUTHAFUCKING ANTI-CHRIST!!.I love that line from howard stern's private parts.Damn,it sounded nasty.

I think it might have been the FOD gods at work and not Lindsay Lohan's black magic.Or.Miley Cyrus's satanic glory when my post about Lindsay Lohan should do a cover on Exhorder's Anal lust wound up in the crypt.I was trying to end my post with a closing of Hail Sakblabbath like Hail Satan.I accidentally wrote hail with an e.I guess I never wrote on funny or die that i'm half-Jewish and got a little bit Moor in me.The Klan hates my ass for a whole bunch of reasons.Damn,on Lindsay Lohan myspace site she let you write any kind of crazy shit!