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September 15, 2008


On Saturday I went on an ALL girls Road trip to Montreal, Quebec. LonBon, Sanjo and I hit the road around 10am. The day was going to be filled of a little shopping action with a side of hang out with some peeps I know there for some lunchins.

It was a wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous, the shopping was bountiful, and the patio beers were glorious.

When we hit the road to go home around 7pm we were following this white Jetta. Speeding up, we made the pass. Two females were in that car and they gave us a glance over. So we glanced back. Maybe a minute or so later they sped up and passed us- with yet another stare down.

I said (in my mind) "I see how this game is rolling- and it's on BITCHES!"

We dodged the travellers in their Jetta- throwing their cigarettes at the car, and their evil icey looks. But in the end it was pretty fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time- Gigglin my bum bum off. It was exciting being involved in CAVALIER/JETTA race. ha ha

So we continued the passing game for about a half hour. Then we threw in the towel. Jetta's are a whole lot stronger and faster than that of a Cavalier.

I guess you can't win em all kids. :)