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Published: June 09, 2012
Description: A short helpful article on how to upset your primary care doctor who is already feeling the squeeze of changing Medicare and Insurance requirements.


1. BE LATE. In fact, always be late...never aim 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so the nurse can take your vital signs in a timely manner. No, be one hour late and demand to see the doctor at the front desk because you were busy getting your Maltie Poo Fluffly's toenails done in a crimson red and she needed an extra coat of polish to complete the "whole look." 

2. STAND IN THE HALLWAY IF THE DOCTOR IS LATE. Believe me you won't be seen any sooner but you will alienate the entire staff quicker than leaving a fart behind in the exam room when you leave.

3. BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR LAWYER. Make sure to mention that you are seeing a chiropractor recommended by your lawyer after your recent car accident and you are planning to sue but wait until the end of the visit to maximize impact. I assure you that at least half of the private orthopeadic surgeons in town won't touch your case.

More to come....