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April 20, 2018

There are many methods of waxing for hair removal. Soft wax and Hard wax are the most popular methods among all. But we can't ingore the roll-on waxing method. Starpil wax offers roll-on waxing kits for the smoothest waxing experience. There are several reasons why you should use roll-on waxing kits.

You would agree that waxing appears as a pretty tedious affair when one has to fix an appointment with the beauty salon, manage time out of work, drive your way to the salon and get yourself into some painful waxing business. Why not try the home waxing kits? It may sound like a herculean task, but it really isn’t one. With the increasing pressure of work and time constraint, a lot of women choose to use the professional waxing supplies and give themselves an expert waxing session in the comfort of their homes. This not only saves your time and effort but can also save you a lot of money.

While there are quite a few types of waxing methods and wax forms, all you need to do is a quick market research on the various kinds of professional waxing kits available and identify the method and type that best suits your requirement, skin type and feasibility.

Here, we will discuss a little on what the Roll On Wax Kit is and how you could use this for a comfortable waxing session at home.

The ideal kit for smooth skin

The kit you choose makes a lot of difference and you will be able to see this in the results regenerated after using the waxing product. A hair removal wax kit consists of all that you need for successful waxing.

A salon-pro Roll On Wax Kit usually comes with a couple of Strip wax refill cartridges, a hair removal refill that conveniently removes short and coarse hair and a skin refill to reduce any redness on the skin post waxing. Some kits also come with Wax Warmers. These roll on kits are ideal for waxing larger areas of your body, especially the arms and legs. With an ergonomic and functional professional wax warmer available in the market,you can easily heat your wax within 15-20 minutes. The hot waxing machine or wax heater is a simple device that heats the wax and you can choose an electric wax warmer. There are 2 types of roll-on wax warmers: one that comes with a large roller head and the other model that features a mini head. The mini heads are designed especially for waxing sensitive areas such as the face, armpits and bikini area.

Pros of Roll on Wax

With summer approaching,waxing becomes essential making the skin hair free, smooth and yes it does remove the skin tan also to a great extent. If you wish to get that perfect look and flaunt your dresses, skirts, halters and swimwear here’s why you should choose cartridge waxing.

1. It’s quick and safe: As soon you understand the technique of rolling the cartridge head along the skin, you will know how a roll on wax can reap wonders. This method is sure to become your favorite treatment for removing hair from large body areas such as legs and arms. All you have to do is apply the wax with a roller attached to the cartridge and this saves your time than using a traditional spatula to spread the wax. So it’s way easy!

2. Less messy: Think of all the effort that goes into cleaning up the wax from the floor and sheets. With roll on the chances of spills and wax drips is off your sight. The professional kits are so well packaged that you will not have to worry about any mess. There are single use and refillable roll on waxes which are ideal for use at home and at salons.

3. More economical: The heads on the cartridge are designed in a way that they offer a good result with the thin and consistent application of the wax. This means that you will be using a lesser amount of wax per treatment. Moreover, the reusable cartridges come with extra heads and so you can reuse by simply swapping the old cartridge head with a new one to use the wax to the tee.

4. Hygienic: Whether you use the roll on wax cartridge that’s of single-use or reusable, in case of the latter you will be changing the head anyways. This makes it risk-free even when used at salons.Moreover, these cartridges are designed effectively so that the wax does not roll back into the cartridge when applied.

5. All-purpose: Whether for professional use or personal, the cartridges are available with different roller head sizes that can wax any area ranging from legs to your face.

Whereto shop for your waxing kit from?

You can easily find and order your chosen product online and make the most of our reliable, flexible and speedy delivery mechanism to begin with the professional waxing experience at home.