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Published: June 20, 2011
Description: We've been surfing the world wide web and found a few links for you to click on.

linkdumpdad.jpgAlright everybody. Link time! Last week was the inaugural Link Dump post and I think it's safe to say it was an astounding success something that existed. So let's do more! Great! Here are things to click on!

If Presidential Candidates were Simpsons Characters - HuffPost Comedy 

Sports Illustrated has an amazing gallery of classic 80s posters. You like the 80s, right? Sports Illustrated 

Father's day may have passed, but let's keep the celebration going with these amazing/terrible dads. - Someecards

Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford. That is all.

I was reading Louis CK Pitchfork interviews before he went all mainstream. That's my attempt to start a "Hipster Louis CK Interview Meme." Pretty catchy I know. Whatever, here's the link to the interview.