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October 23, 2012

Just just in case any of you wished to visualize government producer Kurt Sutter back truly on his show once more

Just just in case any of you wished to visualize government producer Kurt Sutter back truly on his show once more

Kingdom of the Blind,? the third Episode in Pretty Little Liars third season opened with phony blind chick Jenna (Tammin Sursock) creeping up the Rosewood High courtyard. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Hanna (Ashley Benson) watch from the wayside, and appropriately assess her freakiness.
Hanna: ?We should push a table [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] in front of her and see what happens.?
Actually, that sounds like a really funny idea. Apparently, the girls have decided that it?s best if Aria fake a friendship with Jenna because she ?trusts? her. Basically, they want Aria to play dumb, and to practice [url=]Presidential Debate[/url] music with Jenna at her house like Jenna had suggested she do on the previous episode. There?s an awkward scene where Aria ends up having to link arms with Jenna while they walk down the hallway making plans, and Jenna makes a comment about looking stage fright ?in the eyes.? Good one, Jenna. [url=]American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 2[/url] Almost immediately after dealing with one frienemy, the girls also bump into Lucas (Brendan Robinson) who has a poor excuse for a bad boy act on. The principal scolds him for having a bad attitude, [url=]Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2[/url] and when Hanna attempts to get to the bottom of this situation by talking with Lucas alone, he makes a scene and lights his bad report on fire in a trashcan. Hanna and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) put it out. Afterwards, the two of them head out for coffee to discuss. Caleb thinks Lucas is just letting go of some pent up aggression from being too nice over the past three years. He agrees to talk to Lucas so long as Hanna promises not to visit Mona (Janel Parrish) anymore.
Caleb confronts Lucas. Lucas is a big jerk, [url=and won?t budge. His nerdy jests and jabs go over Caleb?s head, and over mine. More importantly, Lucas alludes to Mona being just ?the tip of the iceberg.? Soon, the iceberg is bowling itself over, and bringing all of their ?junk? to the surface. Watch out, Caleb! [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url]
When Aria actually does head over to Jenna?s, she looks bored as ****. I?m actually impressed by her keyboard playing for how uninvested she seems. Jenna asks about Emily, and how she?s been doing. All of her prying gets Aria a little ticked. Later, Spencer mentions that she thinks Jenna was just snooping to see if Emily remembers the night she blacked out. Eventually, Aria spies a note in Jenna?s flute case, and when Jenna goes to check on the cookies, Aria sees that it has information on earplugs. I mean, Jenna is a musician, so is it really that crazy of an idea that she would need them for something noisy? More importantly, Jenna bakes!

The ever getting to get out of prison usually were not extremely an exponent whenever showrunners

n the meantime, Emily is concerned [url=]Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 7[/url] over a peculiarly high test score. She thinks A rigged her grade. After talking with her teacher, Ella (Hollie Marie Combs), and receiving way too many ?I did it, but I can?t tell you I did it? hints from Mrs. Montgomery, Emily panics for another reason. Now, she has a secret with Aria?s mom. Why would Aria?s mom give her a solid ?A?? Give her like a ?B-/C+?! The old A loved secrets, but this A likes grave robbing. When Emily later confesses to Aria that she?s more angry than scared this time around, it becomes clear to Aria that Emily is done playing the weak victim. Haven?t we tried this storyline before? [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url]
Aria runs to Ezra (Ian Harding) for advice on her mom?s decision to help Emily cheat. Ezra understands where Ella is coming from, but looks worried for her. Aria alerts him that the vice principal wants to speak with her mom, and that she?s worried about her getting fired. Also, Ezra is having trouble finding work.
Later on, Ezra bumps into Ella at the coffee shop, and they spend a few moments bonding over tutoring and boring school stuff. Ezra lets her know that he is aware of her slip, and Ella lets him know that an anonymous student tipped off the VP that she may be favoring Emily. Oh, A. She plans on telling the truth, but Ezra beats her to the punch. He tells the vice principal that he was overzealous about tutoring Emily, and that visiting Ella while she graded the exam probably made another student feel like she was helping Emily out too much. Emily is tired of people lying for her, though, and of people feeling sorry for her. Ezra shuts her up by having her retake her test. She?s so excited to spontaneously retake a test!
At the Hastings? residence, we learn that Melissa [url=]Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 7[/url] (Torrey Devitto) is back. She?s back at work, sweeping up the fireplace ashes. Spencer?s mom (Lesley Fera) marches in, and lets them know that she?s chosen to represent Garrett in his trial. Spencer is, needless to say, ****** off. Veronica says she?s only helping because he deserves a fair trial, and she believes he could be innocent. Spencer believes he murdered her best friend and Emily?s love interest. Her mom could care less. Plus, she?s doing it all for free! What a slap in the face [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] to Spencer. Something is obviously up with her family. Later, Spencer tries to reason with Melissa.Melissa: ?For once in your life stop trying to be the smartest person in the room Can?t, Melissa. She always is! Spencer thinks her sister pressured her mother to represent her friend Garrett, but doesn?t understand why. Truth is, Melissa doesn?t care if he?s innocent or guilty, she just appreciates that Garrett is an honest guy.

Leaving her with the task of putting out the fire that now in the trashcan.

Surprise, Hanna goes to visit Mona anyway! [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] Even bigger surprise, Mona looks absolutely fine. She?s reading a magazine with some crazy friends in her cell. When she and Hanna go for a walk, she claims a new medication fixed all of her issues. She talks to Hanna like she didn?t run her over with a car. Hanna wore her blazer to seem like a scary business woman. It?s clear that she?s not there for small-talk, and that she wants information on the new A. Mona says she?s forgiven herself. Mona?s attitude changes.
Mona: ?I?m not going to forget any of you. Did they ever find what?s left of Alison??
Speaking of the car accident, when Hanna goes to leave, and bumps into Caleb, she lets it slip that Mona tried to run her over, and he is infuriated. One more surprise, Lucas strolls out after visiting ?Madhouse? [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] Mona. When Hanna confronts him, he claims to have only been trying to figure out if she?s really crazy. He calls Hanna ?stupid? for not thinking of that, and warns her to remember that Mona will do anything to stay out of jail.
Next, Spencer has her ?clever moment of the week? when she poses as Melissa, and exposes that she wasn?t ever checked into that hospital in Washington. She actually stayed at her resort a few extra days. Double whammy, Spencer?s mom joined her! When Spencer confronts her mother about this, she claims that she didn?t know Melissa hadn?t been pregnant for a while before going there. She only found out then, although she was curious. Also, on Garrett:
In the most exciting moment of the episode, Hanna and Aria trail Jenna using the information Aria found in her flute case. Jenna has been visiting a doctor, and they catch her driving the blue car without her glasses! Honestly, Jenna moves so quickly from the doctor?s office to her car that it seems like something?s is up. Is there a Jenna twin, or was that just strange editing? It?s the car Emily remembers from her blackout. Spencer and Emily meet up with them, and they catch Jenna checking out a gun store. Hanna has had enough! In my favorite moment of the episode, Hanna charges in front of Jenna?s car. Hanna: ?Wow, Jenna! What a sight for sore eyes!?
That felt really good to watch. The four girls want answers. According to Jenna, she?s pretty terrified. She felt safer playing blind because people are careless when attacking the blind. She?s still shaken up about the fire incident, where she was almost murdered, or so she claims. She makes it seem as though she too is being stalked. With regards to the ?wasted drunk Emily? incident, Jenna claims she was honestly just driving late at night, and that she bumped into Emily acting sloppy in the middle of the street. She felt bad, and [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] picked her up to help her out, that is until Emily freaked and escaped her around midnight. Her story sort of checks out. Do they trust Jenna? Back at the mental hospital, Caleb is confronting Mona. He warns her not to bother Hanna. Caleb: ?Well, here?s the real joke. I get to walk out of that door, but you aren?t going anywhere.?Mona then throws a massive tantrum. Is Mona playing crazy? The final scene of the episode where Mona is [url=]Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 13[/url] singing a creepy lullaby to herself while palming the Queen of Hearts says otherwise, but who knows. Maybe she?s a method actor. Maybe the actress just wants a record deal. Oh, and A was busy making another tooth necklace. He/ she keeps his/ her booze in the same ice cooler as he/ she keeps his/ her bodies!