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November 28, 2008


Ack! Damn scammers are lurking at Funny or Die. Watch out for a member by the name of love4. They sent me an email on here earlier, you should have seen my reply! What the hell they think they're doing here I have no clue.

They are what we call 'sweetheart' (we I mean, are me and the great guys over at a very cool scambaiting website I know) scammers, where they send guy's messages (so why they sent a message to me I have no idea...I'm clearly a chick!) in order to make private contact, so they can make the guy feel all special and crap, only to then give them some sob story that usually revolves around a money crisis, so the guy will help them out (if they're stupid enough to fall for this crapola) and send them cash. It's not a girl, it's a guy, usually sat at a computer somewhere in Nigeria!

I was almost scammed by a Nigerian guy earlier in the year, not through a sweetheart scam, but through an acting website..........luckily, I was savvy enough to realise that something wasn't quite right and when that fake cheque came for £5000.......well, I knew it was wrong!

The problem is, loads of people fall for this shit and loose a lot of money.

Why is world full of assholes???