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June 18, 2009


Pretty sure they had to be hers.Driving home from work yesterday, IĀ spotted a pair of panties on the side of the road.After doing a little investigation I believe them to belong to Margaret Thatcher.They were wide like granny panties yet stately.Gold trim around the lacy flower patterns.No tags at all,probably hand made for her.They were probably a 14-16 with a reinforced crotch.You could also tell they were well kept,Woolite and line dried from the sent,and not a trace of fading.Between the leg openings was a little cheesy but I woulnt say sleezy...possibly a touch of a yeast infection.The reason they were tossed aside was obvious.The rump stain looked like a Hershey slip&slide.I'm reasonably assuming the last place she ate did'nt pass their health inspection.I'll know for sure in a few days when the test results come in.I'm not sure weather to sell them on Ebay or sit on em a few years and take them to Antiques Road Show.
Dont really know what shes doing around Metro-Detroit unless shes helping broker that Fiat Deal some how. I thought she was in the hospital with a broken arm.Hmmm!

Just thought ya might like to know !