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Jill Starr (Who Else WOuld Do This Huh)? Get Real Folks!
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Published March 12, 2011
BOYCOTT EBAY AND DO NOT VOTE FOR MEG WHITMAN WHATEVER YOU DO!Oct 10, 2010photos: 3I , Jill Louise Starr, officially give , Serbian President Boris Tadic->THE BOOT OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!Oct 10, 2010photos: 2China presents Serbian President, Boris Tadic>>>THE BOOT STRAIGHT OUT OF POLITICAL OFFICE BY WEEKENDOct 10, 2010photos: 1Zena the Pitbull and Hercules the Ferret Are Best Friends (+)Oct 9, 2010photos: 3A Day in the Park (+)Oct 9, 2010photos: 10Hercules and Henni the Pitbull!Oct 9, 2010photos: 8The ADL and Hillary Clinton's Teacher's Union in NYC refused To Accept my Legal Cases (Proof)Oct 9, 2010photos: 1The ADL refused this as proof also (+)Oct 9, 2010photos: 9Photos of Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro (+)Oct 8, 2010photos: 19Why Family of Accused By ICTY have Right to Pronounce Death In Accordance With ICTY Rules of LawOct 8, 2010photos: 1The Bird In My yard (+)Oct 8, 2010photos: 2Budva Montenegro At NightOct 8, 2010photos: 4Beograd Serbia Nights!Oct 8, 2010photos: 3Serbian President Boris Tadic PromotesGay Parade in Beograde!Oct 8, 2010photos: 15My Baby Ferret Gets a Bath !Oct 8, 2010photos: 2My Team ShirtOct 8, 2010photos: 1Photos Of Me This Morning & LunchWith ARnold Stark This Afternoon :))Oct 7, 2010photos: 11Male MUSLIM SAVAGERY PART IOct 7, 2010photos: 7Great Photos Of Ratko Mladic Partying (+)!Oct 7, 2010photos: 14My Least Favorite Photos of Serbian President Boris Tadic !Oct 7, 2010photos: 14Recent Monastary Photos From West Milford NJ USA From Orthodox Christian Church Liturgy (+)Oct 7, 2010photos: 21Some of my Favorite Gothika ArtOct 7, 2010photos: 23A Pakistani minister wants Obama to offer Eid Prayers at Ground ZeroOct 6, 2010photos: 1Real photo of President Obama wearing traditional Muslim AttireOct 6, 2010photos: 5US PResident Obama Bows Before Saudi Kings! But Not Queen Ellizatbeh!Oct 6, 2010photos: 2Passaic County New Jersey USA Judges Refuse Giving Me Any Contact With my Two Children For 15 Years!Oct 6, 2010photos: 9Irrefutable Proof the Catholic Church Worships False Idols!Oct 5, 2010photos: 5Putin is Sexy !Oct 5, 2010photos: 16Two Two Evil Twins The Pope and Tony Blair Conspiring Evil Together!Oct 5, 2010photos: 3NATO War Criminals! Wanted DEAD OR ALIVE !Oct 5, 2010photos: 4People In My Town Prepare To Celebrate Pagan Holiday & Place Satanic Symbols Around Houses !!Oct 5, 2010photos: 29Fox News Glenn Beck Is a Horses Ass (hahahah)!!Oct 5, 2010photos: 1My Best Friend's Cool Tatoo!Oct 5, 2010photos: 4The UNHOLY SATANIC MASON LODGE BY MY HOUSE IN BLOOMINGDALE/POMPTON LAKES NJ USAOct 4, 2010photos: 1My Jeremy Paxman (BBC) Signed PhotoOct 4, 2010photos: 1Holy Saints of Serbia (+)Oct 3, 2010photos: 9US President Nixon asks his colleague "Are you sure they don't have extradition there"??Oct 3, 2010photos: 1Clyde Magarelli Former CIA/NSA Assassin !Oct 3, 2010photos: 1Daniel Kolak Philosophy Professor at WPUNJ in Wayne NJ Promoted Croatian Genocide (Proof)Daniel KolaOct 3, 2010photos: 1Robert Latham at New School Allowed Ethnic Albanian To Condone Genocide Against Serbian Orthodox ChrOct 3, 2010photos: 1SUMMARY STAFFING BUDGET FOR ICTY AND WHY AMERICANS ARE PAYING FOR IT WITH THEIR TAX DOLLARS (MORE TOOct 2, 2010photos: 3ICTY: COMPENSATION TO A SUSPECT AND/OR THE ACCUSED FOR UNJUSTIFIED DETENTION!Oct 2, 2010photos: 2EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE AT THE ICTY_>Oct 2, 2010photos: 1THE NON-RETROACTIVITY ICTY STATUTE THAT NO ONE SHALL BE HELD CRIMINALLY RESPONSBLE FOR CRIMES COMMITOct 2, 2010photos: 3LEGAL GROUNDS FOR EXCLUDING A PERSONS CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY AT THE ICTY ON WAR CRIMESOct 2, 2010photos: 5The Kosovo Crisis (+)Oct 1, 2010photos: 2Jasanovic Croatian Genocide Concentration Camp for Jews, Serbs and Roma!Oct 1, 2010photos: 50I Get Paid (+)!!!Oct 1, 2010photos: 2Jewish Congregation of Kinnelon NJ USAOct 1, 2010photos: 1GENOCIDE IN CROATIA, BY CROATIA & MUSLIMS, ON SERBS, ROMA AND JEWS!Oct 1, 2010photos: 24President Obama Prays Without Shoes On Muslim Prayer Rugs In White HouseSep 30, 2010photos: 1????????? ? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? The Mystery and Meaning of the Battle of KosovoSep 30, 2010photos: 19