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April 25, 2010


Getting the appropriate Reiki training that suits you and would prove beneficial for you is quite achievable given the right choice for a Reiki Master.  Although it may be generally believed that you will be guided towards the right one for you, it is at the same time appropriate that you initially seek it. In most cases, interested Reiki students would travel the distance to finding his master, although it may sound a bit inconvenient and a bigger effort is expected to be made, it would actually be worth it since a big part of the successful Reiki training would depend on your master.  But for those who don’t want to have the inconvenience and more expense, you would be glad to know that you will easily find a good Reiki Master in newspaper listings and ads or even in the internet.  The next important thing you could do is perhaps consider meeting up with the master for you to get the feel of whether he or she may be the right one for you.Practically speaking you could just get through him or her on the phone or email.  So if you are good with this set-up you may exchange queries and answers before finally contracting with him or her for Reiki sessions.  However, if you are more critical and you intend to get a first-hand personal feel of the master you will be putting in charge of your training, you could ask for an appointment for a meet up.  Whichever the case may be, you will be able to detect whether he may be appropriate for you or not.  A Reiki Master can give out a pretty good vibration and from there you could very well trust your intuition and make the decision.What are the possible things you need to confirm with the master for you to be able to gauge his worth?  Here are some questions you could pop out:·    How long have you been working with Reiki and how rigid has your training been?  Who is your master or guru? These questions are a bit on the “knowing better” your possible master.  It is but right to be able to establish a personal knowledge of him.·      How many training sessions do you conduct every month and how many hours does one class require of? This should help you know whether you could easily manage your time and whether it would pose more convenience than inconvenience.·      How can Reiki work for me?  What specific learning would you be able to impart with me?  By asking these questions, you will find whether your interest is indeed in the training or not. All other technical details (like fees and such) with regards to Reiki and the training may be asked by you to help you make a better decision.  Finding the perfect or right Reiki Master is similar to finding the perfect training for you.