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March 23, 2017

Don Trump I advised to practice more discretion than hot air.

Oh Don, I won’t call you “Donald,” because that’s the name of a duck, and I won’t call you “The Donald,” because for some reason it reminds me of “Vlad the Impaler,” you know, Count Dracula, perhaps also because Vlad is the first name of your Kremlin buddy Putin.

Now Don, as we move into week nine of your presidency and I’m proud of you because it’s been a straight five days since you’ve done anything really stupid, I want to first have a little talk with you about your disturbing habit of saying anything you please—-or in other words, shooting off that enormous mouth of yours.

Before we do that, why do your supporters support everything you do? There’s this Facebook web page of fanatics in Las Vegas (this is fitting the gambling capital they gambled on a megalomaniac to be president), and all their opinions target only the opposition party. They never I mean never criticize a member of their own party and never never you Don. You’re lucky in that way Don. You’ve got a base of support unburdened by logic.

That means that if you went down to a grocery store and held it up at gunpoint it would be alright with them. They’d either A – Say it didn’t happen, B – Turn a blind eye, C – Say the store deserved to be held up.

A woman on this right wing Sin City page said Don you were a“Real Man.” This is apparently the extent of her total based-on-scientific-thought-and-extensive-investigatory-assessment endorsement of you. But it begs the question, what is a real man, and what is an imitation man? All of us as men are born with a male sexual organ. I look down at mine just like Don does his.

Mine also rises (to quote Hemingway), so does Don’s.

Is it because she’s slavish and like a dog wants a master, a he-man? Is she into S & M, B & D, R & O?

I can’t be certain because this woman’s “Real Man” statement is so obtuse, but if I had to venture a guess, it might be to reason that to her, your bluntness, rudeness, bragging, pompous swaggering, mocking,insulting, serial lying and personal threats against those who disagree with you (you said you would destroy the career of one), she equates with a curious kind of decisive and wise, no-nonsense leadership.

Another woman on this (to the right of Genghis Khan) web page said, “We’ve had eight years of the other.” This is a blanket endorsement of you Don. That means it applies to everybody and everything in a one-size-fits-all condemnation. In other words, there are no honest members of government (the other party). They’re all dishonest, not just the former president who I suspect she didn’t like among other reasons in that he has a dark skin. I won’t demonize a person who disagrees with me like they do and will give her the benefit of the doubt that this isn’t the case.

All members of government (the other party) are dishonest and none not one wants the best for the country. None of them are simply exercising their right to be wrong under the Constitution. They’re all evil conspirators in a subversive plot.

What she really wants is not a two-party system with the right to disagree where we still value each other as Americans of the kind that has led this country for over 200 years. What she wants is one-party autocracy.

How better than to cure the evil of big government dishonesty among the elite than by electing a guy who acts like Henry VIII and is a gambling king-pin renowned for his shady business deals, for example, hiring small contractors to do work on his casino and then not paying them and when they complain threatening to take them to court and out-spend them into bankruptcy with attorney fees.

It all makes sense to me. Don to your supporter you’re a Washington “Outsider.” In this case it means you’re an octopus like the dishonest (other party) bureaucrat, but just one of a different color. Or in other words, you cure dishonesty in government by electing a dishonest man with no experience in government who claims he’s honest.

Again it makes sense.

Okay moving on. Where were we? You’re big mouth Don. In the old days, in your ivory tower penthouse with its thousand-dollar-bill toilet paper, you could order me to “Jump!” I would have to say, “How high?” Those days are over Don. You used to just snap your finger, but that’s over.

Now you have to be accountable, Don.

The next time you feel the urge to accuse someone or something without proof, and then make it all worse by accusing a foreign country of being in on the scheme, again without proof, straining relations with that foreign country for no good reason. Go to the mirror and say, “The next time I need to I will keep my big mouth shut!”

Repeat it 50 times.

Don’t blame Spicer, the albino (he’s so white he glows in the dark), who imitates the actress Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night live.He’s just a flunky.