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October 02, 2014

The Ferguson grand jury continues to struggle with the whole law and order thing.


In their ongoing quest to finally figure this gosh darn law and order thing out, St. Louis County has had yet another stumble: The grand jury deliberating over the Michael Brown killing may have been leaking information to Twitter.

Twitter user Susan M Nichols, who claims to know a member of the grand jury, tweeted that her friend told them that there was not enough evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson (via the Washington Post).

Nichols quickly deleted the tweet, but not before journalist Shaun King preserved it in the screen-shot heard ‘round the world. Nichols has previously tweeted messages of support for Officer Darren Wilson.

Grand jury proceedings are meant to be completely secret - they are barred from discussing their deliberations. This includes all social media, even Twitter, something I imagine someone is pointedly discussing with them today.