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December 12, 2008


Since so many of you are in the art and business of comedy, and know the nature of this beast, I guess I could explain another reason why I've been away. If nothing else it may help you by learning from my mistakes.

For the last two months, I put all of my eggs in someone else's basket. I was completely eggcited about the eggventure. My thoughts were scrambled, and my brain was fried. When it all cracked before me, I crawled into my shell and didn't make a peep. It didn't go over easy that news.

No fertilization would take place. No feast would be had. But rather than being left with a basket of rotten eggs, I've decided to sell them to the Easter Bunny at a discounted rate. It's kind of like making lemon aide when life gives you lemons. But these are eggs, and who besides Rocky actually drinks eggs?

The point is, no matter how badly you want something, never give 100% of your faith, hard work and trust in someone else's venture. Make your own path in life and in work, that way no one and nothing can let you down.

What all this eggcellent post means is that I tried like the devil to get a writing job on a TV show I thought was going to be great. I finally made contact with the right person. She was the co-producer and head writer of Rosie Live.

She agreed to take a submission from me if the show progressed. Since I heard the show would be much like The Carol Burnett Show, I jumped on that bandwagon. Carol Burnett inspired me to do what I do. She and many others, but her show was paramount to my comedic growth.

For those two months, I wrote as if I'd been sent back in time. Sketches came fast and furiously. I wrote every day and came up with over 100 character and skit concepts. Some people call that putting the cart before the horse.

As you all know by now, Rosie Live was a flop. It was not at all as it had been described, nor what my mind had conjured.

Does that mean I should give up the dream? Turn in my laptop? Hang up my notebook? HELL NO!

It means I need to keep trying, keep making contacts, keep writing and laughing.

So that is what I am doing now. My first new contact was with Spike Feresten. (I'm sure you've all seen Lil Bill O'Reilly by now.) His show will be on earlier and on longer because of the cancellation of MAD TV. Although I am holding out hope, it's not a promise or guarantee, therefore I shall keep my eggs in my ovaries where they belong.

More newz will be coming soon to a blog near you!

P.S. Thank you for the comments and emails while I was away. I'll be catching up with everyone ASAP!