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August 04, 2008



When you see something once you pass it off, when it happens twice, you say "geeee thats odd", then everytime after that you start to see a little more clearly. What am I speaking about you may ask yourself. Well, the caption contest I say. The whole thing is entire bullshit. You may say that I am just pissed that my comments receive DIES and are well deserved. There are days I indeed deserve DIES and damn well know thay are bad comments and post anyway. There are days I have a comment or tow that are in top five for hours on end and have even been in first a few times. Then mysteriously in an hours time receive up to ten dies. And a comment made less than ten minutes ago is in first by at least ten funnies. Hmmmm...thats not odd at all is it. Did you know that you can make as many profiles on here as you have e-mails. Just something to think about. Not only have I seen this happen to me but on days I am so fed up I refuse to participate, I see it happen to other genuinely funny comments by users that take the crazy downward spiral into DIE hell in a matter of minutes. ANother fact for you all to chew on. Did you know that three users consistently win the contest. I wont mention who they are, just look and it will be apparent quickly. And some users post more than 20 comments, which isnt illegal by any means. But if you post that many I would hope that at least one of them is funny and doesnt completely suck. Maybe if the FOD team actually gave a shit and puicked the winner themselves things would be different, rather than leave the decison up to the uusual mindless FOD user