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June 26, 2008


I am inspired. Beethoven wrote a full length symphony after he was deafened by syphillis. Helen Keller learned to read, write, sign, and text message despite being deaf, blind and mute. Abraham Lincoln was able to become a lawyer and eventually the President of the United States all the while being married to a rather unfortunate looking woman. Franklin Delano Roosevelt thrived against the same odds. I am sure as he layed his head down to sleep at night, he would gaze upon Eleanor and wonder why the polio had simply crippled him and not taken his life as it had done to 27 percent of his friends and classmates. In his mind that may have been a better fate to be taken early.

My point is...wait, what is my point? Give me a minute. Oh yeah, that's right I remember. I am inspired. If these people can overcome obstacles to achieve greatness, why shouldn't I go out and create obstacles for people to overcome? While at the time it may seem rude, unnecessary or downright combative in the long run I think we can make the world a better place. The next generation will outshine us.

My next statement might hurt a little. We are a bunch of worthless punks. We have faced zero adversity in our lives. And it is starting to show. From the dumb girl at the cell phone store who cried because they didn't have the new flip phone she wanted to the man who yells because of late charges he accrued at the Blockbuster. No one takes responsibility for their actions. No one has a realistic perspective on life. We watch celebrities and musicians like they are to be idolized. Many parents have checked out on raising their kids and take no responsibility when the thing grows up to be a worthless narcassistic clown.

So, my solution is simple. Push someone down the stairs, steal a teenager's new BMW, make life tough for one person. Don't gang up on the same kid. If someone is already picking on a kid then keep looking. They will thank you in 10 years when they have a little thing called self reliance and pride in themselves.