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Published: July 01, 2012
Description: I frequently write here: http://norrisslloyd.blogspot.com/ Check out all of my mediocre posts there.

All foreign people ask questions in statements. Like, "These are all for women." or "We have the same credit cards." These goof ups can simply be fixed by adding an "are" or "do" however no one corrects them.

I used to work in retail, and by used to I mean I still do. I'm just trying to sound cool to hopefully get laid, and by get laid I mean spend time with my girlfriend. Again, I'm trying to sound cool. I'm not. I've come to the conclusion that more people in Los Angeles are racist, than in Nashville. Hard to believe? Maybe. It's a different kind of racism though. It's just vocal. People in Nashville are to dumb to say how racist they are, and people here aren't. I was folding shirts and someone asked me how bad it was. When I replied, well, overall it's not horrible, except the hip hop shirts, they laughed. But the laugh wasn't a normal "Oh, that's funny." laugh, because there's nothing funny about it. It was a "black people are inferior." laugh. I KNOW, right? I was just as shocked as you are. As if black people are the ONLY ones who listen to hip hop. I love the Beastie Boys. And to say it with your laugh, now that's just cheap.

I don't know if that was actually how it went down, I just took note of it in that way because I thought it was funny. Oh, and I love black people. Especially my good friend Mr. T.J. Thomas who's in Afghanistan right now fighting in the war, come home safe, and Wesley Snipes.

Norris out.

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