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March 08, 2009


here's a little look at a "piece" that i'm working on. it gives you a look into the mind of a professional "blogger", and illustrates the kinds of problems we "bloggers"  encounter when trying to come up with "new" and "fresh" ideas for blogs, literally every day, constantly, for what seems like forever. especially when you're kind of already running out of ideas for blogs. enjoy!

i gotta tell ya, people, i hate the irish. i despise them with a seething animosity that these days is generally only reserved for al-qaeda operatives and "really smart people" (seriously, don't get me started on the "really smart people"!).  you say, how can anyone actually hate the lovely and talented irish peoples, with their "singin' of their songs" and their "tellin' of their tales", their "spinnin' of their yarns" or what have you. they are a "gentle people", you say.  well, i'll get to that in a moment.

firstly, in the interest of total candor, i must reveal that i am fully one half of irish descent. the other half is, in order: 1/4 Blue Blood/ 1/4 Daughter's of the American Revolution/ 1/4 Basque Separatist and at least 1/8 "Newfie". there's probably a little sprinkle of  "Anglo-Saxon" thrown in for good measure. my point is this: can you not see the internal struggle that's going on here?  one half of me is descendant from the finest examples  of the  fight against the tyrannies that are  trying to crush the indomitable aspects of the human spirit. the other half  comes from a long line of shiftless tinkers,  lay-abouts, and  liars. oh, the lying! when will it cease? i'm not even going to bring up the whole "drinking" thing, because basically everyone enjoys a drink now and then, it's just human nature. i would call this a "non-issue". i have heard that the irish supposedly like to drink a lot.  i don't really know about that.  i'm not exactly an "expert" on the drinking habits of the various nations of the world.

well, that's what i've got so far. it's kind of open ended and obtuse at the end there. sort of "thought provoking".  i suppose that i could "tweak" it here or there, but i should probably just leave it as it is, and be like, "this is my blog for today". i mean, blogging, after all, is a sort of lyrical "free-jazz/word-association". it's like "riffing" on a "theme". real "jazzy".  i would have to say that this "piece" fits the bill quite nicely.

so, yeah, this is my blog for today.

have a bloggy day!