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February 25, 2017

Great form Ray. Excellent job,pal.

Friendly Guy At Gym Swears He Not Gay

Barry Manetti,54 is new to Sin City. After divorcing his wife Tracy of 19 years, he decided to pack up and move out west.

‘Start anew. Hell,I’ve done it before’,he said. He figured the first thing he’d do was join a gym. To network, make some friends, maybe some business contacts. I’m a self made man. Everything from the sweat of my palm’

But out here,Manetti says it’s been rough going. ‘The kids seem taken aback by my persona. I’m not gay, just friendly.’

‘I walk up to this one fella wearing one of those t-shirts that read’s 'Legalize Shemp’. I laugh and ask where I guy like me could find one of those.‘ Before you know it we’re talking Three Stooges. He didn’t realize towards the end it was actually Larry, Moe, and Joe. He excused himself to the toilet before we exchanged numbers’

‘These other two chaps by the treadmills mentioned something about Willoughby. I intervened that I too loved The Twilight Zone. But the minute I mentioned beers at my place,['Let the dogs loose’] eyes dropped. Backs turned.‘

'You exchange names,pleasantries. But once you get anywhere near personal they get cold feet. I’m not gay. I swear. Look. Here’s a picture of my ex wife. Fucking bitch.’

Manetti agrees times have changed since his 20’s.‘Whatever happened to the mysterious stranger in town. The Old West motif. People were drawn to those guys. Like lint to Angora. Out here,you gotta be Milton Berle to have friends which, when you actually think about it, makes no sense.’

Despite the setbacks, Manetti wants to set the record straight.
‘I’m just a outgoing guy who’s out here to make some contacts. Then, maybe go out,get some pussy. I’m 54. I still got time. I’m not gay.’

Anyone dudes who wants to hang out, watch the game,drink beer,play racquetball,or just talk shop can reach Barry at 555-641-1843