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April 02, 2008


i wake up and wonder what's next in my life?
more heartache and pain, more worry or strife?
will i make the best of a bad situation
or just sit there and ponder from human frustration.
i try to please u but what about me?
do my thoughts or wants matter or even where i wanna be?
is it possible that u want to live your dreams through me?
must i measure up to your standars or excellence?
no, i am who i am and thats all i will be
my standards are mine and thats all i want u to see
chelsea, for who i am and what i want to be
i want to be a....
hold on
i must make a decision that will make or break my life
back to the beginning again, what should i do
you tell me or should i tell you?
im once again confused

Chelsea Marlene Brown
Copyright ©2004 ChelseaBrown