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October 26, 2011

Walter Spaciak successfully defends his title of World's Creepiest Gyno for an unprecedented 7th year in a row.

Walter Spaciak has successfully defended his title as world's creepiest gynecologist for the seventh year in a row, as voted by his patients and colleagues.  In a contest that wasn't even close, the Orlando-area doctor received 95% of the vote, up 3% from last year.

Though most of Spaciak's patients have long since left him after filing their own criminal charges, some unlucky patients remain. Ravinder Khan, who recently moved to the U.S. from her native Bangladesh, is one such unfortunate woman.  "I had no other gynecologists to choose from.  The immigration agency sent me a list of available doctors and his was the only name on it and I can see why.  At first I just chalked it up to good old-fashioned American humor but when Dr. Spaciak insisted that web cams were standard equipment in examining rooms my suspicions were raised."

In his press conference, which he held on his front lawn while wearing nothing but a moth-eaten satin robe and a hat that read “MILF Patrol”, Mr. Spaciak said he hopes to continue his run of gynecological creepiness by adding one-way mirrors to his change rooms and playing a variety of David Gray songs during all examinations.

Written by: TheRichmond999