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Published: October 12, 2009
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In this generation internet plays a major role in selling the homes with easier and less expensive mode. This method is called Flat Fee MLS. There are many websites offering Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Process is simple, you will be asked to fill a form online to get yourself registered by paying a flat fee. This flat fee can vary but it is always the less expensive method of buying or selling a house. They immediately appoint a trusted discount realtor and he will record the complete details of your property. Your home will then be listed in the MLS Listing database.

If you are selling your house for sale by owner, there are many places you can advertise. Get started with your FSBO (for sale by owner) marketing on top places to sell your house online. You are selling your house yourself, you will still probably want to get your FSBO (for sale by owner) listing on the MLS Listing for maximum exposure to buyers and buyers' agents. You can use what is called a flat fee MLS service to list your property with help of a discount realtor. Your FSBO (for sale by owner) MLS listing will look identical to all the real estate agent listings. The for sale by owner listing fees is generally around $349 to $499. Or can buy it as part of a package at some of the for sale by owner listing sites. Be sure to review the details thoroughly with any flat fee MLS listing service you are considering using. Some take 3% commission out of any FSBO (for sale by owner) MLS listing sale!

Some years back for sale by owner sellers were totally dependent on real estate agents or estate companies to sell their home. Hefty amount of sales commission was paid after the completion of the deal. Even though for sale by owner sellers felt the commission was very expensive and were left with no other choice.

Why chose to use a flat fee MLS listing? There are reasons why it is a good idea to list your home for sale on the online database. Prime reason to use the MLS listing is because it lets people know that your home is for sale hence reaching a wide market. Local advertising can help people in your locality know that your home is out for sale, but in order to reach wider areas with more exposure to buyers and buyers' agents, you need to make sure that you are giving your home every chance you can to have it be seen. And that's possible with Flat Fee MLS.

The one-time fee that you pay to list your FSBO listing (for sale by owner), is a lot less money that it would cost to have a real estate agency sell your home. Agencies usually charge good amount of fees in the sell price of your home. When you put that into account, you see that you actually save thousands of dollars with FSBO (for sale by owner) MLS listing. Of course, along with that comes the additional work and documentation you need to complete which is taken care by discount realtor. Take a look at the MLS online database and see how effective it can be for you to sell your home.

The benefits MLS listing through discount realtor is simple: maximum marketing exposure without paying a steep price to get it. While a discount realtor is compensated with just a flat fee, most home sellers continue to offer buyer’s agent a commission, often two to three percent, in the event that their buyer purchases the home. Home sellers often realize that the Flat Fee MLS is the most popular and used marketing tool available to them, few must be aware that it does not have to cost too much to get on the Flat Fee MLS. Any discount realtor in the local association of Realtors has access to list a property in the MLS Listing. While many of them are traditional real estate agents with traditional sales commission in practice, there are discount realtors that will list your property for a greatly discounted flat fee in the MLS Listing.

The way that a discount realtor gets your home listed in MLS listing is simple. The seller contacts a discount realtor and requests listing paperwork. They fill out an MLS listing agreement along with details about their property– number of bedrooms, square footage, pool or no pool, etc. Additionally the property seller lists one or more photos of the property in the MLS listing so that buyers' agents or potential buyers can have an idea of your home. Once the discount realtor receives the paperwork by the home seller, they upload the details of the property to the MLS listing. Once it gets listed in MLS Listing sites including, buyers' agents or buyers can see the home. They can make an offer directly to the seller. The seller can accept or reject the same.

Home sellers needs to understand the importance of the MLS Listing. The MLS Listing is a marketing and exposure tool for your property unlike any other. It is a real-time database that agents and buyers make search for full detailed information on property they wish to purchase and what is available. A portion of that data is also fed to both national Internet websites like So beyond being a method to offer compensation to the traditional real estate brokers, the MLS listing is by far the most powerful marketing tool available.

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