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February 01, 2009


I wrote this story using over one hundred computer terms.
I never knew there were so many terms.  Out of the hundreds of terms I read, only a few could actually be useful in this story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

   Detective A. Dell left his homepage in a zip, entered the hub and hopped on the system bus. He got off the bus and entered the internet cafe where his cycle was parked and ordered a cup of java. That's when he noticed Cookie Macintosh, The server. She seemed a bittorrent so he asked her why she was feeling fragmented. She told him her brother Tran's  trojan horse had been hijacked by a bad sector. They stole the link to the anti-virus Tran had processed. God forbid the macro virus should attack. One byte from that bug could be terminal. We need to recover this. It is an absolute value.
"I am a Detective-name's Dell. I will be your help assistant. Tran is a friend of mine so I would be glad to help Transistor out and take on your case load." He said as he paid his tab jumped on his cycle and began his task.
 It was a hardrive at highspeed to his office suite as he realized; "This sounds like
Spyware. He must have escaped quarantine. I'm certain I configure this out." Spyware was  a class A dummy who was  Trans former employee, a caddy who was caught phishing on his shift. He was given the boot and removed from the site. He jumped the drivers and was charged with battery. I will retrieve his files and start there. He searched for the files but the files were hidden. A more advanced search revealed their target location. He recovered Spyware's files from the recycle bin and placed them on his desktop.
He located a  number in the directory and contacted Spyware's mother Board who was a cab driver working properly at the time.  Board said her son was a device loader  working for a manual Lee. Lee was paying him 50000K all in cache. Manual Lee was in the network as well. Then the connection to Board was lost. Moments later a FAQs came in..Spyware's  mother Board's cab crashed and exploded interface. Board was not responding.
"OH NO! There must have been a security hacker. How could Spyware wipe out his own mother Board?"
He pulled his boot up and headed for Space Bar where Lee was a proxy server.
Dell walked into the Space bar.  Manual Lee was taking a megabyte of spam when he saw Detective Dell. Spyware was coming through the backdoor. "Spyware! RUN!" Lee yelled. But Spyware hit the Firewall and fell out the windows.
"That was a bad command Lee." Dell said as he shook his finger. "Hand over the anti-virus link."
Spyware raised his Emachine gun ripped open the screen shot at  Dell but missed.
 Before he could reload, Dell backslashed the hand held away with a shortcut.
"That megahertz!" Spyware cried. Manual Lee and Spyware's operation was shut down unexpectedly and the link to the anti-virus was restored to its original location.
"You're dynamic;" said Cookie and gave him her homepage number. Maybe we can go out for a byte to eat sometime.
"I don't think we could make a good connection Cookie, You're a Macintosh, I'm a Dell.  We're just non compatible."
And so,  Detective Dell returns to his homepage where he hangs up his Redhat and
signs off

The end