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July 06, 2018

NABISCO recently introduced two brand new flavours of its world famous OREO cookies. The OREO THINS PISTACHIO and the CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE OREO have OREO fans all excited. I personally and tried and reviewed both of them separately. I thought ti would be fun to try them in a FOOD MASH UP video. I took one biscuit from each cookie with its corresponding cream and stuck them together and made one combo OREO cookie. It made for a very interesting and tricolour cookie. Green Beige and Brown OREO cookie. It smells pretty much just of the peanut butter of the CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE OREO cookie. No pistachio or cocoa scent at all. The peanut butter flavour was dominant and showed up first. Then the pistachio flavour kicked in and surprisingly went well with the peanut butter flavour. The cocoa flavour of the OREO THINS PISTACHIO OREO cookie showed up but the graham flavour of the CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE OREO cookie was totally absent .