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By King Christopher (radio show host)
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Published October 18, 2013

Things Women Do Wrong In Bed

By King Christopher


Every women believes she's great at sex. We know men are always being judged for how they perform in bed. But do women really know what men like? Ever wonder why strippers are more appealing to married men? Do men think to even tell a woman she's bad at something? Probably not since the average guy is just happy to be having sex at all. Here are few things that women do wrong in bed.


Biter: I find that most women just don't know how to kiss. Women have this thing where they think they need to bite and kiss at the same time.

Ass slap: When a woman slaps her own ass, It doesn't get a guy's attention like women think, men are already fully aware of a woman's ass. If anything it kind of kills the moment.

Lazy Lay: A lot of women are OK with just being lazy in bed. This is probably more common with married couples. Which is why married men like strippers the most. The wife just ain't doing right.


Personally I think people have watched too much porn and believe it works in real life. Actually, porn should be used as a “how NOT to have sex” demonstration. So if you're a man you'll always be judged in bed. But if the woman hot for it enough, a man almost doesn't have to perform. She'll do a whole lot more on her own.