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April 04, 2010


Last night, after my daughter had gone to sleep, my wife was getting her easter basket together. She started whipping out candy, chocolates, toys, dvd's, …

“Hmmmm,” she mused. “I guess I'm going to have to get a bigger basket.”

“Goddamn,” I said. “Is this easter or fucking Christmas?!”

All my daughter knows of Easter is that she gets to look for eggs that the easter bunny hid for her. And then we go to my wife's sister's house, and she gets to look for eggs all over again at their place. And then we eat ham and green bean casserole. My brother-in-law fixes green bean casserole for every holiday meal.

My wife is not particularly religious (although she does believe "something" is out there) and as for myself: some days I'm an agnostic, some days an atheist, and some days I'm just downright confused. Being a recovering catholic will do that to you.

I suppose it's only a matter of time before my daughter finds out what easter is “supposed” to be about. Thinking about the story now, from an objective point of view, it occurs to me it would make for a really good horror movie. But I probably wouldn't go and see it. I'm not really into zombie flicks.