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June 13, 2014

There's no denying Fifa's World Cup 2014 logo resembles Patrick Stewart's famous facepalm.

World Cup Patrick Stewart.jpg

While officials have said this year’s World Cup logo was designed to resemble the champions’ trophy, we know that’s just an outright lie from the folks at Fifa. Honestly, there’s no way to spin this logo as anything other than a giant Patrick Stewart facepalm. One that, once you’ve seen, can’t be unseen.

How do we know for sure? Well, that’s easy:

  • 1. It looks like a giant Patrick Stewart facepalm.
  • 2. The hands are “palm”-ing something, most likely Patrick Stewart’s face.
  • 3. Why even use hands, when the game is called “football?”

We are willing to concede, however, that the facepalm isn’t that of Patrick Stewart. Here, in fact, are a few other possibilities, one of which is also Patrick Stewart.

World Cup Famous Facepalm.jpg

via Yahoo Sports