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Published January 01, 2013

The Super bowl has always been a fascinating game for all of us ! Every year it comes around Feb and gives us the entertainment of our lives . So this year the Super bowl 2013 is around the corner again with all the Jazz and fun power packed ! This page is dedicated to all the interesting news about the Super bowl 2013 . So sit back and watch close as we un-fold the most interesting news of the Super bowl 2013

This Super bowl 2013 has all the more reason for more buzz and viewership as the National Football League (NFL) has agreed on a deal to allow US viewers watch the Super Bowl live on the Internet and smart phones, as well as on TV. This comes as a boon for Super bowl lovers as many can enjoy the game on the move over their IPAD , IPHONE , Android and any smart phones .

Apart from the the game being broadcasted on the CBS television as scheduled, it will also stream live on the NFL’s official website, as well as on SuperBowl2012Live.com. But the catch is that the service will be restricted to viewers in the United States. It will work in the same way as an existing arrangement by which CBS shows regular-season games online.

This arrangement not only covers the Super Bowl 2013 , but also the Pro Bowl (the NFL’s All-Star game) and the wild card matches .

The deal, however, does not include the other playoff games, which are broadcast on rival TV networks. (Source: msnbc.com)

Analysis points that only 1 percent of the viewers try to access information or watch the show on Internet . So the whole idea of the online streaming is not on a strategic approach to catch the online audience – but to give that extra value to the user who likes t control things like replay – record etc. of the event on the internet as he streams the content . Likely many people are expected to watch the event in TV with their laptops in front .

The online broadcast will carry different commercials, though users will be able to access the network TV ads after the game via an on-demand service. The huge audience drawn to the Super Bowl means advertisers traditionally use it to debut eye-catching and creative ads.

In a separate deal, the same games will be available on smart phones, though only to Verizon subscribers, through a dedicated NFL Mobile App that is available for Android and Apple handsets.

The app currently carries a $10 a month subscription charge on ordinary 3G handsets. Customers who use Verizon’s high-speed 4G/LTE service can get the app free of charge.

Some more note worthy points on the Super bowl Live streaming :

- Microsoft has already come to an agreement that CBS uses it for its regular Sunday night Football streams . So this Super bowl 2013 along with the Pro bowl events will be streamed using Microsoft Silverlight .
- There will be no authentication for the Super Bowl or other postseason games, meaning viewers won’t have to prove that they’re a cable subscriber to get online access to the matchup. It will be available for anyone in the U.S., but due to rights issues, the broadcaster will block international viewers from trying to tune in.
- The Super bowl online streaming ads for 2013 will have different Ads / commercials than the Ads shown on the TV

So Folks watch super bowl 2013 live online and give your comments on it.


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