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September 01, 2010

My monthly blog

Ok so what have i got to tell you after 2 months since there was no blog last month.Well………..nothing much hence why there was no blog last month sorry if anybody was waiting on one but there was nothing coming out my mind was on other things .

The month of august however has been entreating and well strange .I had a lovely two weeks of working my ass off generally were not much happened got a few sketches down on the macbook and hope to give you some good news about them next month but alas it may not be good news then you just wont hear about it. 

The third week however was a lot different i had a week of work .So what do you do with a week off in august and you live in scotland ,well of coarse i went to the biggest arts festival in the world . So off me and my partner in this escapade ollie (the other member off random jam group JollieR i'm in with him) went to head to edinburgh and to go mental in a fit of drunkenness attack twitter with random posts of each other and random things like men running about in hot pants and a stripy sailor top and of coarse no one bats an eyelid. For the random twitter=ness of that day here is my twitter http://twitter.com/JuniorGingerPie and here is Ollie's  http://twitter.com/OllieInPerson now he may not tweet a lot but trust me he his the most interesting and methodical of  my friends and should be a stand up.

Now many of you know or may not know i hate crowds of people and how one person can slow up hundreds of people hence why i have never been threw to the festival before  but my idea of getting drunk quickly helped very well with that . But overall theres not many places that you can watch two people dislocate there shoulder within half hour off each other,Richard herring and the cast of AIOTM ( ii didn't here you shout!!!) wearing tam o shanters while tiny andrew Collings enters andrew Collings  threw an orifice , If you have no idea what i'm talking about well tough ! Is that all you think i'm here for? Just to give you handy links ? No! go find it yourself.And find yourself at the end of the night in the top floor of a pub listening to to comics in the dark and with no pa because its the NEARLY carbon neutral comedy club. And all in one day. To anyone who has never been go its well worth it .

But i hear you yawning with the boardness of this so far but it does bring me onto a few things thats worth writing about  .

1.Crowds - why the fuck do they move so slow ? i don't see a mass of black suits and dresses so i know this cant be a funeral procession so why do we all seem to be walking like there morning the death of ……..Who would be a great British person ? I KNOW  Stephen Fry and i feel it unlikely that he would want people to act like inconsiderate bunch of cunts!

2.Excalators- In easy terms " moving stairs ". Now what do you normally do with stairs ? Thats right you walk up them.You do not stand there like a bunch of fat cunts waiting on the motor nearly overheating as it lifts your ass which is the same weight as a HGV truck ( for the stupid Americans thats an 18 wheeler. I am not implying all Americans are stupid just around 70% of them) up 20 foot worth of walking that you could do a lot quicker. So this is a warning .If you stop on an excalator in front of me you can be lifted by me to the top or i shall run up the other side to the top before you get there and i shall drop kick your fat ass back to which it came !   Burger king!

3.i was only going to do two until i started this .ow i have auto spell tick on this so if i have not quite spelled the word correctly it will use and alagrthym   it will change it automatically to what it thinks is the correct spelling and most of the times it doesn't bother me but there is one word that does really annoy me when i type cunt .The word count comes out and i have to go back and take out the. see it just happened there ….well you didn't obviously but you get the gist so i'm going to see how many times i can type the word cunt in a minute.


cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt .

There you go and so on that note i shall leave you to do whatever other thing you do on the internet and if thats going to be wanking just remember the eye in the pie in the sky is watching you and playing with your grains saggy tits .

Goodbye and god doesn't exist 

Junior the great ginger god of pies 

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