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December 15, 2009


I have decided to blog crazy. Just weird crap from my degenerated synops. My brain is  often a buz with electrical currents that no longer have recepticals. Actually I find my most creative moments are when I do a thing  I like to refer to as Non-connecting conections.

This is an exercise in imagination.

Makong jungle, 1971, I dropped my Jimmy Hendrix signiture  Light Bright, It was a dark night .
The V.c. surrounded our position and was screaming connect four all around us.
The Easy Bake was down so we had no hope for air support, all we could do was huddle together on the Twister mat and hope for dawn.
There was a chance if we could sneak through the darkness to the Lincoln Logs, maybe we could put that Jack back in the Box.  All I could think about was that Hardy Boys mystery I read, It kept twisting in my head with a fuzzy story line that weaved in and out  of my mind like a Bread song. Luckily I  Slid across the Slip-n-Slide like a Slinky Dog, but I was shaking like an NFL electronic football game. It was a Drop In The Bucket but I had to Shoot The Moon. I had no time to Gnip Gnop I had to get  to the Snoopy Sniffer. I felt like a Sock Monkey, but I had to get that Little Red Wagon across that Chutes and Ladders board.
I heard a loud bang and thought for a second I was inside a View Master. The next thing I know is the Sun is comming up like a red rubber Ball and I can hear Big Wheels in the distance. I knew if I could live through that, I could live through anything, live through it like a Duncan YO-Yo. No regrets, thats just the game of LIFE. Since that OPERATION its the only game I care about playing.